Boston Legal 10/31

Halloween-ish elements will turn up, including but not limited to that very creepy Lincoln fellow. And Jerry Espensen is back.

Bumping for the Badger.

And another bump for the flamingoes.

Bumping for the previews:

Who’s your daddy?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m going to have to search out the words to the song the Mariachi band was singing. I have a hard time deciphering lyrics when there’s more than one voice.

That was worth it, just for Denny and Alan’s Halloween costumes, and Denny’s leer at Alan. “You’re not getting into this dress!”

It was nice to see more of Peepie (what a Creepie), but I hope that judge isn’t dead. He probably is though, isn’t he?

I’m not sure how I feel about jokes being made about Daniel’s remains. Have some respect, people! Oh wait, wrong show.

No probably about it, the judge is worm food.

BigDummy, yeah, I guess so, and I suppose Coho will end up defending him. But ya know, if the lawyers at CP&S weren’t so freakin’ charming, we wouldn’t have people turning criminal just so they could spend time with them.

Do you know who played Bella, Bethany’s mom? It wasn’t Delta Burke, was it?

Something I noticed tonight was that Alan does treat some opposing counsel with respect. He didn’t rag on that federal prosecutor like he does everyone else.

I don’t quite buy the Coho-Shore animosity because Alan’s assistant went to Coho. Alan hasn’t showed that he particularly cares about her. Do you suppose they had to stretch for a conflict?

Yes, it was.

My favorite line was from the morgue “My friend would like to see something lighter in a size 8.” I was laughing so hard I missed the next few lines of dialog.

Also loved the sight gag where Alan’s client tells him that a squeal would make him feel better, Alan squeals and client does his little jump. Great!

Do you think that the new female lawyer/assistant (forgot her name) will become Alan’s new assistant?

Dead as a doornail. It was a little hard to make out at first because of the general darkness of the parking garage, but that was definitely a pool of blood under the judge’s head. I guess the shovel caught an edge a little bit. Didn’t think one blunt strike would cause that much blood, and death, that quickly.

But what a strange twist. It was implicit from the end of the previous trial that Peg Bundy was the one to kill the Lady Judge, as unbalanced as Creepie Peepie was. But maybe it was Creepie Peepie all along.

One thing is for sure. Boston has a growing number of judgeships up for hire.

Ugh, I cannot stand the Peepie Creepie guy! So now we’ll have to deal with him for the next few eps. Looks like Denny is going to be defending him from the preview.

I think Alan and Jeffrey Coho are 2 sides of the same coin, so they will never quite get along. Wonder when Coho will show up on the balcony? I was all ready not to like him, but he is growing on me.

Delta Burke’s face looks weird…what the heck did she do? As soon as she showed up I figured Denny was going to be Bethany’s dad.

What is the deal with that Shatner game show they kept previewing!!!? It looks hilarious!!

“Show me the Money” is indeed a new Shatner-hosted game show. How can that guy keep up with that and this weekly series? He’s da man! Denny Crane. Kirk. Renaissance man.

Hilarious scenes with the foot!

Loved the Lennon Sisters costumes, too.

I must know: yes, you can use cadavers for medical school, but how could it be legal to use real cadavers in a haunted house? Just wondering if this is even possible.

Does every episode have to have Alan defending Hands now? I’m getting a little sick of it, to be honest. It seems like they’ve brought in Coho as an identical character to stand in for Alan while he just becomes Hands’s personal attorney. Last night’s episode felt very insubstantial all around, particularly Hands’s out-of-nowhere acquittal.

Me too, although I agreed with it. I totally bought Alan’s reasoning.

It might sound cruel, but I was almost hoping for a guilty verdict, to see what the writers would do with Espenson in prison. Maybe being a jailhouse lawyer would boost his confidence.

I just realized where I’ve seen new cute lawyer girl before. She was the ex-nun on Joan of Arcadia. I want her to have more screen time, and Coho less, but that’s just my libido talking, 'cause I like the Coho character.
Get rid of Denise and Brad.

You’re speaking of Constance Zimmer, I believe. I’d like to see more of her too, although libidinally speaking I’m just fine with Denise as well. :wink:

As for Brad, it’s taken me awhile to warm up to him, but all in all I think he’s the best and most realistic of the bunch when it’s time to be sharp, firm and lawyerly.

Julie Bowen is a “next-door-potential-girlfriend-introduce-to-parents” very cute girl.
Zimmer is a “rip-off-her-clothes-and-fuck-against-the-wall” very cute girl.

Zimmer oozes sex. Bowen oozes cuddling on the couch, playing board games.