Botanists and gardeners, what kind of plant/flower is this?

Mystery Plant.

To elaborate on the photos, the flowers have five petals, look somewhat like wild roses as best I can tell, and do have a faint rose like odor. However, there is nary a thorn to be seen.

So I’m pretty sure it can’t be a rose plant. But then, what?

FTR I’m in Eugene, Oregon.

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It looks like apple blossom - possibly an ornamental crab apple - and the leaves look like apple leaves.

That would certainly explain the resemblance to rose plants, being in the same family and all.

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There are apps for this.

Recommend a good one. I’m not installing anything with ads but I’m more than willing to pay for an ad-free app.

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This one is very good, I use it all the time:

The free version limits how many you plants you can identify in a day. After that I think you have to watch an ad for each plant.

If you want to do your whole backyard it will take longer. Some friends moved to a new house and they wanted to identify everything so they went for the paid version. Otherwise, if you just do the odd plant now an again, the free version works fine.

Google Lens may do the job as well. It’s done a pretty good job ID ing caterpillars for me…

It’s an ornamental crab apple.

PlantSnap is okay but can be really random since its a worldwide app.

Yeah, that looks like an ornamental crab apple. Very nice.

@ Ulfreida

Two words: Invasive species!:smiley:

I tried this one and so far it seems excellent. It thinks the tree I posted in the OP is a sour cherry which seems possible. If we ever get fruit we’ll know for sure. Our yard also has, apparently, a sweet cherry and two ornamental Japanese cherry trees, so whoever initially planned out the yard certainly liked cherries. Finally, the house next door has a huge cherry tree that drops its fruit into our yard.

Here are a few pics from when it was in flower, earlier in the season.

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**@Spectre **
Glad it helped. Wow beautiful flowers. Wish I had a tree or two like that.

I find the app works great, not perfect mind you, but great. If it’s not sure and gives you multiple options, I’ve found reading the text info can usually narrow it down: the chance this is some native peruvian plant is slim:D. Plus there’s also good info contained there about growing conditions, fertilizing etc.

I’d check again later in the growing season once the leaves are fully developed and confirm your belief.

It’s the neighbors’ tree, not mine. But the branches extend over our side yard and drop quite a few handfuls of cherries come summer. I didn’t taste any last year, but this time I’ll wash some off and try them. They look exactly like the cherries you see in the market. Z

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