Help me identify this (unseen) plant

Well, I’ve tried taking pictures of a plant for identification purposes with my flipcam before, but while it’s an awesome camera, it isn’t good with closeups.

So we’re gonna try this text-based.

I’m not sure if it’s a wildflower, or a cultivated plant. I am in Northern California. It looks like it may be in the sweetpea family because of its round-lobed leaves and the peculiar purply-blue of the blossom. The whole plant, in fact, has sort of a bluish caste.

The flower is a long cyanomorphic thing, magenta fading to perriwinkle, with blossom proceeding from blossom proceeding from blossom, almost like rattlesnake grass. The flower entire is shaped much like a caterpillar, or a shrimp. The flowers have long white antennae… er, pistils?

It grows fairly close to the ground, maybe a foot tall. No woody stem, i.e., not a bush or shrub.

But wait! My boyfriend has a better cameraphone than I, and here is a picture.

Hmmm. Can you snap a shot with blossoms visible? Maybe some kind of Justicia…

There is a ‘shrimp flower’ plant, but that doesn’t look like it.

Cerinthe major, Blue Shrimp Plant?

Nice one, Jayjay. That’s clearly it.

another photo of blossom head(s)

Yes, thank you, jayjay. That’s it. So, so beautiful!