Botticelli February 2021

The next letter is



  1. Are you the actor who played Prof. Pepperwinkle on The Adventures of Superman?
  2. Did Ben Vereen play you in the original Broadway cast of an eponymous musical?
  3. Did John, Paul and George have Mr. Martin tell you take your drum and beat it?

1. Were you Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012?
2. Were you Rose Tyler?
3. Did you animate the Puppetoons, as well as direct live action sci-fi films?

Take a DQ,
I am not Pippin?or take a DQ
, I am not Pete Best? or take a DQ.

I am not Paul Ryan and take 2 DQs.

#1 was the enormously talented Phil Tead. Correct on the others.

DQ: Real?

I am P

  1. Fictional

2 was Billie Piper (in Doctor Who); 3 was George Pal.

1. male?
2. first name starts with P?

I am P

  1. Fictional
  2. Female
  3. Only one name.

IQ1: Are you the lead guitarist for Aerosmith?
IQ2: Were you the lead singer for Journey in the 1980s?
IQ3: Were you the lead singer for Jane’s Addiction?

Take a DQ
I am not Steve Perry? Or take a DQ
Take a DQ


  1. Did you live rent-free with the Weasleys for years?
  2. In the Oz books, are you the Rainbow’s Daughter?
  3. Did you famously eat an ogre?
  1. Were you married to John Rolfe?
  2. Are you Magneto’s daughter?
  3. Did you play Roz Doyle in Frazier?

I am not Pocahontas
I am not Wanda,whose last name I can’t remember. Or did they make Polaris a daughter, too?
3. I am not Peri Gilpin

I am not Harry Potter

Yes!!! I am POLYCHROME!!

…That was fast.

Good going, Prof.!!!

Thank you.

I am

Congrats, Prof.!

1. Were you Bojack Horseman’s agent?
2. Between quests, do the Knights of the Round Table impersonate you?
3. Were you the first criminal caught by radio?

Take 3 DQs.

1 was Princess Carolyn (on BoJack Horseman); 2 was Clark Gable; 3 was Hawley Crippen.

1. real?
2. female?
3. first name begins with C?

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I missed P! On to C.


Did you win your wings helping George Bailey?
Are you the best-known person from Pinpoint, Ga.?
Were you a noted Ohio lawyer who shares a birthday with my father?


  1. Real
  2. Male
  3. Last name begins with C


  1. I am not Clarence.
  2. I am not Jimmy Carter (??)
  3. Foul. I have no way of knowing when your father’s birthday is.