Botticelli - July 2012

Our next letter is


Have at it!

IQ1: Did your run in with a notorious Red-Baiter cause you to flee to Europe in the 50’s?
IQ2. Did you cause both of the great Victorian political parties much heartache and angst over the Free Trade vs. Imperial Preference issue? {If you’d have read Dreadnaught this would be easy. :)}
IQ3. Did a vision just before the Battle of Milvian Bridge cause you to adopt a new religion?

IQ: Is everyone of European heritage related to you?

IQ1: Are you gonna make me, make me, make me notice?
IQ2: Will you receive total consciousness on your deathbed, which’ll be nice?
IQ3: Do you believe, among other things, that the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent overrated crap?

I’m not Charlie Chaplin, Joseph Chamberlain or… Charlemagne?

Definitely not Charlemagne.

Dunno the first or third. Take two DQs.
The second, no, I’m not Carl the groundskeeper from Caddyshack.

If it’s okay to say, the Sontag nonfan is Crash Davis from Bull Durham.

IQ:Are you a sportscaster originally from St. Louis?

IQ1: Do you hear Beth calling, though you can’t come home right now?

IQ2: Do you walk in the classroom cool and slow, and do you call the English teacher “Daddy-O”?

IQ3: Did you accompany Colonel Slade on a weekend in New York City?

IQ: Are you a physicist who annoys the hell out of his friends?

The victor at The Battle of Milvian Bridge was the Emporer Constantine, who, as legend has it, saw a vision in the sky of the Greek Letters Chi and Rho, an early Christian symbol, just prior to the battle. After defeating a superior force, Constantine converted to Christianity and made that the premier religion in the Roman Empire.

DQ: Are you a real person?

IQ1. Did you participate in the last charge of the British Cavalry?
IQ2. Do your snow sculptures push the boundaries of Art?
IQ3. Were you IQ1’s particular cross to bear?

Right on Carl Spackler, and etv was right on Crash Davis. The first was Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders.

DQ1: Are you male?

I’ll reserve the second DQ until we find out if this is a real person.

IQ1: Does Don John ruin your (first) wedding day?

IQ2: Do you play the piano drunk like a percussion instrument until the fingers begin to bleed a bit?

IQ3: Were you responsible for infiltrating Looney Tunes cartoons with references to Liszt, Wagner and Rossini?

No! As I’ve asked before, please allow the person who posed the question to supply the answer.

Dunno. Take a DQ.

No, I’m not Peter Criss from KISS, but dunno about the other two. Two DQs.

Aw, crap - the guy from Big Bang Theory? The name escapes me. Take a DQ.

I’m not Winston Churchill, or Calvin (Hobbes’s pal), or Neville Chamberlain.

Dunno about the first two; but no, I’m not Chuck Jones.


  1. Fictional
  2. Male

The other two were Charlie Brown, in the late-50s doo-wop song by the Coasters; and the character Charlie Simms, in the film Scent of a Woman.

DQ: American?
DQ: Alive as of today?

IQ1: Did you loan your father’s Ferrari to your friend on his day off?

IQ2: Are you one of the founders of the club that is called G.R.O.S.S?

IQ3: Are you a manager who likes fishing, and who might just use Red Wigglers, the Cadillac of Worms, as bait?

Spoons, you got me on all three (the name of the wimpy friend from Ferris Bueller escapes me). Take three DQs.


  1. Fictional
  2. Male
  3. American
  4. Unknown if alive today

You are correct that the film is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The friend is Cameron Frye.

IQ2 was looking for Calvin, of the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes.” The club is Get Rid Of Slimy girlS; and naturally, Susie Derkins was not allowed to join.

On IQ3, we were looking for Arthur Carlson, angler and manager of WKRP in Cincinnati, which advertised “Red Wigglers–the Cadillac of Worms” as fishing bait, along with a catchy jingle.

DQs to follow.

DQ1: Does your first name begin with C?

DQ2: Were you born after 1900?

DQ3: Are you a literary character?

Right on the first two, but Churchill’s quote was “My cross to bear is the Cross of Lorraine.” , the symbol of the Free French, which makes Charles de Gaulle the answer to my third IQ.

I will reserve the DQ until after Spoon’s are answered.

In Much Ado about Nothing, Don John (the bastard brother of the noble prince of Arragon, Don Pedro) sets out to ruin things for Claudio, Don Pedro’s Florentine gallant. First he plants the seeds of jealousy in Claudio’s heart, then his henchman Borachio makes love to Hero’s serving maid Margaret at Hero’s window. Don John convinces Claudio and Don Pedro that it is Hero who is playing the wanton harlot, and the next day’s wedding is a catastrophe.

It all turns out well in the end…
Play The Piano Drunk Like A Percussion Instrument Until The Fingers Begin To Bleed A Bit is the title of a collection of poetry by Charles Bukowski.

I was after someone else for the Looney Tunes question, but the mere mention of Chuck Jones’ name makes me smile, and he was certainly a member of the same conspiracy to make America’s youth hear classical music…

I’ll reserve my DQs until some of the above ones are answered.