Botticelli - May 2019

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IQ1: Did you run against Nixon in 1968?
IQ2: Did you write American Splendor comics?
IQ3: Did you pioneer the policy of détente with the Soviet Union?

Good job, SMV!


I) Did you write Stranger in a Strange Land?
2) Did you write Dune?
3) Did you fund the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

IQ1: I am not Hubert Humphrey

IQ2: DQ for you!

IQ3: And another!

IQ1: I am not Robert Heinlein

IQ2: I am not Frank Herbert

IQ3: A DQ for you, as well.

IQ1: Are you the Greek “mother figure” queen of the gods?

IQ2: Are you the Greek god of masculine accomplishment and strength?

IQ3: Are you the Greek god of trade and commerce, sometimes known as a trickster?

correct, Harvey Pekar, Henry Kissinger

DQ: Real?
DQ: Last name start with H?

Correct x2. #3 was George Harrison, Beatle.

DQ: Male?

IQ1: I am not Hera.

IQ2: I am not Herakles.

IQ3: I am not Hermes.

George Harrison funded Holy Grail? Huh. Well, it’s a better contribution to the world’s art than “My Sweet Lord”. :smiley:

DQ1: Real.

DQ2: Surname starts with an “H”.

DQ3: Male.

On to H.


Did you teach Eliza Doolittle?
Were you known, among other things, as “the Sledge of Nashville”?
Were you the first U.S. Secretary of War?

May I suggest, SMV, you show the answers as:


  1. Real
  2. Surname starts with an “H”
  3. Male

It’s easier to tell it apart, at a glance, from IQs and DQs being asked by the players. Thanks.

IQ1: Are you head coach of the Michigan Wolverines?
IQ2: Are you IQ1’s brother, head coach of the Baltimore Ravens?
IQ3: Did you recite your poems on Laugh-In?

Swept! No DQs for me.

Will do. Thanks for the tip.

1: I am not Henry Higgins. (Or 'enry 'iggins, if you prefer.)
2: Take a DQ.
3: I am not Henry Knox.

1: I am not Jim Harbaugh.
2: I am not John Harbaugh.
3: Take a DQ.


  1. Real
  2. Surname starts with an “H”
  3. Male

IQ1: Did Daws Butler voice your laid-back southern drawl through various adventures?
IQ2: Did Scatman Crothers voice your crime-fighting ineptitude?
IQ3: Were you one of the creators/producers of of IQs 1 and 2?

1: I am not Huckleberry Hound.
2: Take a DQ.
3. I am not the Hanna of Hanna-Barbera.


  1. Were you the voice of Hoggle in Labyrinth?
  2. Did you play dual roles in Zorro the Gay Blade?
  3. Were you the father of the Melancholy Dane?

Correct on 1 and 3!

IQ2 was Hong Kong Phooey

DQ: Were you born after 1900?

Thanks, SMV!

Previous IQs:

Did you teach Eliza Doolittle? - Yes, Henry Higgins
Were you known, among other things, as “the Sledge of Nashville”? - Maj. Gen. George Henry Thomas of Civil War fame
Were you the first U.S. Secretary of War? - Yes, Henry Knox

Henry x3!




Have you played a mermaid, an interior designer and “your basic pleasure model”?
Were you McKinley’s kingmaker?
Did your ex-CIA dad train you to kill the woman who killed your mom?

IQ1: Are you the main character of a Bronte novel who loved Catherine?
IQ2: Are you a troublemaker who constantly tries to score at the Elite Fish Market?
IQ3: Are you the (arguably) most renowned medical doctor graduate of Hillman college?

Henry Gibson

DQ: Alive?

IQ1: Have you played Agent Carter in MCU TV?
IQ2: Are you the lead singer of Blondie?
IQ3: While filming a certain Hitchcock movie, did prop men fling dozens of live gulls, ravens and crows at you for five days?