Botticelli -- Round 6

The rules

I’m D.B.

Note: I have some errands to run today, so I’ll be out in the late-morning/early afternoon.

Did you write a story about natural childbirth?

No, I’m not Diane Bengson.

Did you write a story featuring a garbage barge?

No, and I don’t know who you mean.

did you write a story about a cruise ship?

No, and I don’t know who you mean.

That would be Dave Barry, one of whose early stories was New York: A City Beset by Garbage and Yuppies (or something close to that).

Of course you get a DQ.

oops, mine was Dave Barry as well (Tricky Business) - Didn’t know he did the garbage barge or not. Don’t know if that means I get a DQ or not

Go for it.

I’m out for a couple/few hours…

Are you a 'coon skin cap wearing fellow famed in song and story?

Did you star in E.T.?

I guess that means Direct Question. If so, my question is: Are you alive today?

I’ll go with are you male?

No, I’m not Daniel Boone.

No, I’m not Drew Barrymore.

No, I’m not alive.

Yes, I’m male.

D.B. is:

Rules question (this is my first-ever game of Botticelli): Must questions now pertain to dead males?

Were you a composer noted for setting Chinese poetry to music

In the meantime, here’s one that does: Were you prominent in Kansas politics?

I shouldn’t think so*; one game tactic is to ask a question with a possibly obscure indiviual in mind as to generate an “I don’t know” repsonse and garner a DQ

*but I am not the rules committee nor do I play them on TV