Botticelli - September 2017

Happy Fall! I am Q.

IQ1: Did author Peter David make Trelane part of your continuum in a 1994 novel?
IQ2: Did you write the 1993 film True Romance?
IQ3: Were you the Nazi puppet Prime Minster of Norway from 1942 to 1945?

IQ1: Was Frederic Dannay half of you?
IQ2: Did “you” write stories about Djuna and his friend Socker Furlong?
IQ3: Were you the head of the National Gathering political party?


Did you help 007 in Jamaica?
Did Sisko punch you, something Picard never did?
Were you one of the Rude Mechanicals?

#3. I am not Quisling. Take 2 DQs.

#1. I am not Ellery Queen. Take 2 DQs.

I am not Q.
I am not Q.
I am not Q. (That’s a guess.)

Q (from the book Q-Squared - I highly recommend the audio book narrated by John DeLancie), Quentin Tarantino, correct

First name starts with Q?

IQ1: Are you the main protagonist of The Magicians?
IQ2: Did Sting dedicate his 1987 song Englishman in New York to you?
IQ3: Are you a rapper/talk show host whose real name is Dana Elaine Owens?


  1. Real
  2. Last name starts with Q
  1. I am not Quentin Coldwater.
  2. I am not Quentin Crisp. (?)
    Take a DQ for #3.

Queen Latifah



  1. Real
  2. Last name starts with Q
  3. Alive

IQ1: Are you a longtime record producer who helmed Michael Jackson’s album Thriller?
IQ2: Are you a mixed martial artist who played B.A. Baracus in the film version of* The A Team*?
IQ3: Are you the head coach of the Utah Jazz?

  1. I am not Quincy Jones.
    Take 2 DQs.

correct, Quentin “Rampage” Jackson, Quin Snyder



  1. Real
  2. Last name starts with Q
  3. Alive
  4. Female
  5. American

IQ1: Are you the harpooner for the Pequod?
IQ2: Are you a mighty Eskimo for whom everybody jumps for joy?
IQ3: Did you portray Zorba the Greek in a 1964 film?

  1. I am not Queequeg.
  2. I am not the Mighty Quinn.
  3. I am not Anthony Quinn.

“Ellery Queen Jr” (a name used by several writers).
Vidkun Quisling, and the ninja already asked the DQ. :slight_smile:
DQ: Known for the Arts?
IQ1: Are you often cited as the inventor of the miniskirt?
IQ2: Did you begin as a supporting character in a series of novels that originally starred another person, but then became the star of the series yourself?
IQ3: Did you spend ten years in a coma before dying?


  1. Real
  2. Last name starts with Q
  3. Alive
  4. Female
  5. American
  6. Not known for the Arts
  1. I am not Mary Quant.
    #2: take a DQ.
  2. I am not Karen Ann Quinlan.