Bouncing breasts studied at college

“Okay now, I want you to take your shirt off and jump up and down. Oh yeah, that’s nice-- maybe a little faster… Video camera? That’s just for, uh, scientific study later on. I’m studying bio- uh…mechanics, yeah! ‘Bio-mechanics,’ that’s it.”

Probably the only course where you’re hoping for a D.

Meh. The science of oversized bouncy breasts was already studied thoroughly and and at length by the game development team that wrote Dead or Alive back in 2002. Of course, they weren’t too concerned with bras at the time…

Let’s not forget the vast market of video game breasts. Games like DoA: Extreme Beach Volleyball have taken boob-physics to a whole new level.

Edit: Salute to you, Mindfield :slight_smile:

My first act as president will be to outlaw female exercise!

“The overall pattern of the movement resembled a figure-8.”

I realize that this is an important and helpful medical study, but lines like that tend to be, oh, a little bit titiliating.

My hands are supportive devices in their own rights.

Then, of course, there was the American release of an OVA called Plastic Little which had a claim to fame of being the first (and possibly only) ADV release that had a “jiggle counter” counting all the animated bouncing.

:eek: It’s a wonder I don’t wear a sports bra all the time to keep the jubblies from moving too much.

I bet that researchers have attempted to study this a few times before.

However, the researchers were men and they either:
a. could not conduct the research without foaming at the mouth
b. could not see why jiggly wiggly breasteses were such a bad thing
and research was suspended.


I agree that this is a valuable medical study at its peak of importance, and didn’t mean to make light of this problem or offend anyone who is suffering from tit. Furthermore, I think we should nip all further jokes in the bud here. Rub them out right now-- gently if we must, although I suppose we could tweak, pinch or nibble them out as well. I would, however, like to be kept abreast of any further advances in the study, so if anyone has any updates, please boob me a boob and let me know boob boobs in the boobs.

:dubious: I don’t buy it, unless they’re talking about 48Ds. No way do mine weigh anywhere NEAR 25 or even 15 pounds. I’d think 8 - 10 pounds, tops.

duct tape solves everything.

I have a definitive solution to find an answer to that question. Don’t worry – you won’t have to lift a finger. I’ll even keep count of the jiggles. :slight_smile: