Boutros Boutros-Ghali has died

Boutros Boutros-Ghali, former UN head, dies at 93

He was on my funny name list (Boutros? Boutros? Golly!) along with ‘Bonkey Moon’ (Ban Ki-moon).

Sadly, the first thing that popped into my mind was his willingness to play along with someone who was clearly a clown when he was interviewed by Ali G.

The best part is when he smiles at being called, “Boutros Boutros Boutros BOUTROS Ghali.” (Around 2:15 or so.)

Did we ever determine if Generalisimo Francisco Franco was still dead?

Golly! That’s sad.

Too-Too bad.

Yo Yo Ma!

He was still alive? He looked about 192 when he was SG anyway.

Is it true that when he left his position as Secretary General, everyone looked at his successor and said, “I can’t believe it’s not Boutros Boutros-Ghali?”

I admit that I only know his name from the Animaniacs’ UN Me song.

The man so nice, they named him twice.


Top Ten Boutros Boutros-Ghali Pick-up Lines

number 10. Can I can I buy you a drink a drink?

number 9. The nations are united – why not you and me?

number 8. I’m the man so nice they named me twice!

number 7. I’m so depressed about the unstable world situation that I really don’t think I should spend tonight alone

number 6. You were fabulous in ‘Basic Instinct,’ Ms. Stone

number 5. It must be fate – you don’t have any boutroses, and I’ve got one to spare!

number 4. I have the complete line of general foods international coffees back at my place

number 3. In your honor, I’m declaring 1994 the international year of the babe

number 2. Want to have sex, Madonna?

And the number one Boutros-Boutros Ghali pick-up line is…

  1. I’ve got a peacekeeping force in my pants

From “The Late Show with David Letterman”, 05/06/1994

I didn’t see any threads related to this so I’ll start one.

I know very little about Mr.Ghali except that during the Clinton administration he opposed (or seemed to) added force and belligerence in favour of a tough stand and firm talk.

I’m not even sure that I know that much :wink:

I do know that he was a world leader who’s name always allowed me to drop my guard because I could count on his opinion not being stupid <-- by my definition.

A great man has died and the world has lost something.


You “know very little about him”, and yet he’s “a great man”? :confused:

Existing thread.


I know very little about him but I know enough that I always admired him and that puts him far and away most world leaders.

I know very little about the Dali Llama but that doesn’t preclude me from admiring him.

Perhaps knowing little assists in admiration :wink:

Either way I stand by my assertion :slight_smile:


  • 'Sides, why would I worry about what a farang** thinks? :smiley:

** If that term is seriously offensive I sincerely apologize. I meant it as a completely off-handed one-off

Thanks man!

I’ll report and ask for a merge or disappearance.

When I hear his name, I always think of the time when his parents looked at him right after he was born and asked each other what they should name him. “I know!” said one of them. “Let’s name him ‘Boutros’!”.

I hear Sirhan Sirhan was inconsolable upon hearing the news.

Really folks?

This was a man deserving of some degree of reverence and yet all that has been posted is jokes (of varying quality)

So I’ll be the killjoy and say that I admired the man. I had a great amount of respect for him. He seemed to fight against bloodshed in favour of rationale.

He was the only Secretary General to only serve one term and that was because of his opposition to Clinton’s desire to ramp up the fight in the middle east <-- imagine if he’d served during W.

I’m not opposed to lulz (especially gallows lulz) but I figured he was deserving of at least one sincere and somewhat sombre remembrance here.

Having done that, please carry on at your leisure :smiley:


I shudder to post this after Zedke N. Destroi’s (not inappropriate) admonishment, but am I the only one who, upon hearing Boutros Boutros Ghali thinks of Jerry and Kramer at the beach house of shrinkage fame?