Bowel frequency anyone?

I write dance music on my computer and a DJ friend of mine and I were talking about doing a set at a venue we really hated. You might have already realised by the way that we had been drinking (I’m sober now, if anyone asks). We had the great idea of having a sample that went: “Don’t sh*t yourself” followed by a really really low bass sound that would ideally be at the exact frequency to make those listening move their, ahem, bowels. Obviously, we would be well out of there by then (or wearing nappies). But is this possible? Can I make someone crap themselves just by playing a specific noise? Is there one frequency that will get most people, or do we each have an individual bowel frequency?

It shocks even me to say that I’m quite curious about this, so if I don’t get an answer, I might have to email Cecil…

My sufggestion is to email Cecil…ghod knows it couldn’t be any worse than getting asked how many calories are in sperm…
And I respond to this for my 400th post…sheesh…

Do an SDMB search for “brown note.” Be sure to set the dates of the search all the way back, because it defaults to the last 5 days.

Oh man…I thought the OP was asking how OFTEN I moved my bowels.I had a great pun lined up and everything. Damn!
Didn’t a recent episode of South Park discuss this issue?

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I’ve heard that very low frequency vibration can trigger your bowels- something like sitting on a washing machine. Even if true, this would be a hard effect to duplicate with a speaker.