Does everyone run on a frequency?

This question popped into my mind as I watched a future “enforcement” weapon being explained on a show. The ‘gun’, I think, was a sound emitter that shot a frequency to cause people in its path to become violently ill I believe it caused their internal organs to vibrate…something that sounds probably as bad as it feels.

Now if this is a possibility, is there a possibility that you can focus a certain frequency to destroy things internally? Or even shatter bones? Is something of this extent possible (god I hope not).

Do we all run on different ‘frequencies’ or is there even such a thing in biological terms?

I don’t know about that, but the other day I was listening to my trunktracker and heard my thoughts on 146.7531mhz.

It’s was pretty weird.

Yup. If you fire low frequency sound with enough power you can mush internal organs, I think…and it does sound (uhuh…) horrible. Too hungover to get a cite, but I think “SuperNature” had something about this (w00p! 2 cites from a discredited book in one week! :slight_smile: )

If it’s loud enough to “mush” your organs, I doubt the exact frequency matters much. Humans aren’t a solid structure, and don’t have a resonant frequency, like bridges.

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