Bowls for cooking in the modern kitchen

I’m just looking for some mixing bowls, but I want them to be a) not glass or ceramic, b) dishwasher safe and c) microwave safe. I seem to be having trouble finding any that meet the bill. Does such a product exist? It must!

From here you might have some difficulty if you don’t want glass or ceramic. It seems like some types of plastic might work, but only for a few minutes in the microwave. Or something called a “Microwave Browning Dish”.

I have these. They’re made of melamine and are dishwasher safe, but they are not microwaveable.

Using stoneware would be about the only loophole to not wanting glass or ceramic. There’s not much plastic out there that’s suited for microwave use, and stainless steel bowls are obviously not microwave safe.

The only other material I can think of is wood, but that’s not good for microwaving either.

Here ya go.

“Stoneware” is a type of ceramic. It isn’t literally made of stone - it is just distinguished from earthenware and porcelain, two other types of ceramic.

There are bowls that are literally made of stone though. Such as:
Interestingly, they appear rather fragile.

I should have been a bit more specific. I have little girls (3, 6, 7, 9) who like to help in the kitchen. We have a tile floor & granite countertops. I fear that ceramic, glass, or stoneware would shatter if dropped–also, they tend to be heavy. Hence my hope to find plastic bowls that we can use in the microwave. Apparently I will have to adjust my expectations.

Consult your local Tupperware representative. If you don’t know one, you can find one near you on their website. I used to be a Tupperlady and I know there were bowls in the past that were micro-safe, but I don’t know what their current offerings are.

You can get silicone mixing bowls, as long as you don’t mind that they are non-rigid.

there are a number of different types of microwave safe plastic bowls available, even at the supermarket. They don’t last too well is the problem. They are prone to absorbing flavors and colors from dishes when heated for a few minutes.

You might want to consider the plasticware that is designed to last a short while like Gladware or the like? That microwaves well and is cheap & replaceable. You won’t mind throwing a piece away, that’s for sure.

Maybe a restaurant supply store could recommend something with some longevity?

Actually, believe it or not stainless steel is perfectly microwave-safe if you don’t leave any utensils in and don’t let the bowl touch the walls. Shocked the hell out of me when I took a chocolate class at Johnson and Wales and they just stuck stainless steel bowls in the microwave.

Corning Ware is dam near indestructible even if dropped. I have a complete set, plus a complete set that belonged to my late mother. I am a total butterfingers klutz, and I’m sure have dropped each and every item several times.

Only your mom’s stuff is bulletproof. The Corningware they make these days isn’t the same thing - it used to be pyroceramic, and now it’s just, you know, ceramic. Get some from the thrift store and it will be bulletproof.

I have these and these mixing bowls from Ikea. They haven’t melted in the mircowave yet! I don’t have a dishwasher, but the website claims they can go in one.

Oh, yeah. Our stuff must be some of the first made, pyroceramic. It can go from a freezer to a stovetop. Nothing kills it.