Box title (lame)

I have a six-month old Golden Retriever (Best. Dog. Ever. Pictures, you ask? OK, one of when he was 2-months old, and current picture).

Anyway, being a puppy, he is rather energetic, and loves to jump up on the couch, etc. I figure that it’s probably best to train him not to do this, or he’ll be completely occupying the coach when he gets fully grown (hell, he almost does now at only 6 months - he’s going to be a big dog). A friend of mine told me about a special electric mat you can lay across surfaces to keep the dogs off furniture etc. So I ordered one on line. The name of the product kind of threw me at first, but I went ahead and ordered it.

Well, it arrived yesterday in a small, 9-inch long box. The product name was plastered in OMGHUGE black letters across the side of the box. The doorman raised a few eyebrows at me when he handed me the box.

The product name?


Good thing you didn’t the model for cats, PUSSY REPELLER.

Pretty nice rant but light on ire. Add the great pup pics and this is a better bet for MPSIMS.