Box under mattress - no springs - What's it called? Where do I get one?

I’m tired of those damn box springs. My mattress is just fine, but the springs in the box spring keep giving out, and down I sink. I can’t sleep properly.

Some beds have just a big wooden box under them that’s strong enough to hold up me and my mattress.

My questions are:

What are these springless mattress boxes called?

Where do I get one?


platform beds?

Furniture store? (what a thought, huh?)

I think they are still called boxsprings. If you just call dial a matters or 1-800 sleapys they would be happy to sell you one.

Under the “main” mattress you can either have a foundation or a box spring. A foundation is usually a cheaper option and is not as well made as a box spring. Usually any bedding store will carry both.