Boxer shorts and sperm count myth

I thought this myth was debunked years ago. Why is it still so prevalant?
Is it the boxer short makers who keep it up?
I read this years ago in books and magazines. I do not have any good links. Can anyone help with links?

That is the best link I can find.

I’ve never heard that it was myth. Doctors still recommend men wear looser undergarments if overheating is a possibility. Gotta let those boys hang if you want to help them be able to finish the race.

Cecil Adams’ column on sperm count (but nothing about boxer shorts)

Sperm are better produced at temperatures lower than body temperature. That’s why the testicles hang outside the body. It’s also why the testicles shrivel close to the body when they get cold.

Right. As in that Seinfeld episode about “shrinkage.” :smiley:

I’m out there, Klondike, and I’m LOVIN’ EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

The last official concensus I heard on this topic was from a reproductive specialist at the University of Minnesota.
He said that the logic behind it is true (sperm do reproduce better at lower temperatures) but in practice wearing boxer shorts makes no difference (wearing either boxers or briefs all day the testicles stay about the same temperature).