Boxer shorts are good for men

The BBC are reporting that they improve your sperm concentration.

I wonder if kilts are even better? :slight_smile:

My sperm play Lumosity every day - GOOD concentration!


This isn’t new news; it’s been around for at least 30 years. Hell, it was even the subject of a Seinfeld episode in the 90s.

Exactly. I remember thinking back in those days: “I don’t WANT my sperm count to go up!”

My husband spent a year in the desert in 120’F wearing tighty-whities, and came back, and got me knocked up right away, so unless your sperm count is on the edge, or the woman you want to get pregnant has some sort of issue that makes you need an exceptionally high sperm count, you probably don’t need to worry about boxers vs. briefs.

Yup. When my wife and I were trying to conceive, 20+ years ago, and having difficulty, I switched from briefs to boxers for a time, because that was already a known tactic for improving sperm count.

A man’s chance of impregnating a woman increase if she sees him in boxers instead of briefs.

Same. All of my successful fertilizations, intentional or not, happened while wearing briefs – ok, maybe not while

I’ve been hearing the “Wear boxers if you’re having trouble” advice for decades.

Most likely this ^^^

No problems there either. As with sperm mobility, it’s likely only borderline cases where you need the extra assist :smiley:

I’m surprised that I don’t see a brand of underwear called Amicus.

Amicus boxers…

Yeah. :slight_smile:

I’m going to try to not judge you over that pun. :slight_smile:

I think there is a law on the books that says, whenever someone mentions they are trying to have children, someone must respond
[ul][li]Just stop worrying about it and you will get pregnant immediately.[/li][li]Wear boxer shorts.[/li][li]Adopt.[/ul][/li]Regards,

Quite, and Jesus spends only 40 days in the desert with nothing under his robe and when he comes back?..nothing (that we know of) proof that this theory is bogus.

Pretty sure a kilt adds a +6 modifier over base, with a -8 penalty if there are -1 briefs or +2 boxers involved.

Hmmm, +2 boxers of sperm fostering. An intriguing D&D magic item.