Boy Scouts in Iowa Disaster--You Rock, Guys!

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The Scouts were heroes. They had training, they did what they could.

Tragedy, but a ray of sunshine.

I heard about this on the way home today. NPR did I nice story on it.

It actually had me in tears while I was driving. The older boys looking out for the younger and one teen shielded some of the younger with his own body. All the scouts immediately going into first aid and rescue mode.

It is very sad that…

42 of the injured were hospitalized.

I’m an Eagle Scout, and I have to say I’m proud of the young men who used their training to help their fellow scouts during a crisis, and my condolences to the families who lost loved ones in the storm.

I am constantly having fun at the expense of Iowans, but today I gave the whole state a standing O because of those kids.

I am so proud of Scouts. brings tears to my eyes just thinking of them. My thoughts and prayers go to the families who lost loved ones in the storm.

There just aren’t words for this event. But I am grateful the country still has the best.

Those kids did an amazing thing. Bravo.

The Scouts are good news always,I was never a Scout though I wish I had of been,its a pity that more parents dont make their kids aware of the Scouts and encourage them to join.

You’d think that they’d jump at the chance,their kids get to learn to be self sufficient,grow in maturity and understand what is right and what is wrong without having any particular religious indoctrination rammed down their throats and the bonus is the parents can have a little break from parenting knowing that their nippers are safe and not just running wild with other kids with all the peer pressure implications involved.


One of the Scouts who died was a local boy, Aaron Eilerts, 14. His mom taught him to sew and he made special soft pillows for people in nursing homes. People who knew him said he “embraced his geekiness”. Everybody liked him.

This former Scout says well done lads, well done. I don’t pray, but I’ll be thinking about the boys that died and the boys who ran to help their friends.

A high school friend of mine has a son who often attended that camp. Thank goodness he wasn’t there when the disaster hit. She says the son of the principal in the school she works at was there, and badly injured.

When I read/hear stories like this; it makes my heart warm. (Not the injuries and fatalities, those are tragic). What warms my heart is the courage and resourcefulness, the unselfishness that these young people demonstrated.

There are many who will say that America is going to heck in a gucci handbag, but stories like this prove that those type of statements are overblown. Sure American culture is facing challenges, but how a people respond to a challenge is what defines them. I do not doubt that these scouts will carry this dedication and unselfishness through to adulthood and become leaders. They sure got what it takes.

Good on em, every last one of them, and my most sincere sympathies to the families and friends of those who were lost to this disaster.

Regards, and admiration

My older nephew is a Boy Scout. On Saturdays his troop serves at the local Farmer’s Market, helping folks, especially the elderly, carry their purchases. Payment is not required, as the Market gives the troop a fee. Tips though can be kept.

Yesterday my nephew said a guy handed him $20, and said to pass it on to aid the Scouts in Iowa. I think the whole gaggle of boys there then decided to pass on all their tips. Way cool of them.