Boy, you'll be an actuary... now

I qualified! Four years of exams finally bloody over. Now I am officially in the MA FIA* as a bona fide full-on actuary type.

I have had a few drinkies.

It hasn’t quite sunk in. When you have been taking exams for 20 years, the idea that you never have to take another one doesn’t quite compute. Especially when they’ve been every 6 months for the past 4 years.

This is the third time I’ve taken that last exam too. Average qualification is seven years and I was beginning to think I might make it that far. But no.

That’s Mr Actuary to you.


*The initials I now have after my name.

Go Kabbes! Well done mate! I’m dead proud to know such a smart and qualified man. Those years of hard work have paid off and you deserve respect for it. Nice one.

Fancy a pint soon to celebrate?


Mega-awesome! You’ve probably got a bigger brain-pan than my whole family! That’s cool.

Many, many congratulations, mate. Exactly how many, I’ll leave for you to work out.

Congratulations! Will you be our very own Herbert Kornfeld now, and tell us weekly stories about you and your homies keeping it real down at Actuaries-R-Us? :slight_smile:

Fran: I most definitely think so. But why stop at one?

OTOH last night we had champagne, then I moved onto the absinthe… Sometimes having a pub o’ friends and a lock-in are not the kindest thing to one’s head.

Ultra why thankyou. I am the champion.

Ashtar I wouldn’t tell me that this morning. It’s already swelled to twice its normal size.

Steve I think at least seven, don’t you?

Coldie, never fear, eXtreeem actuarying will take off any day now.


Congratulations, kabbes.

Congratulations. You and december now stand side by side, holding up the actuarial banner.

Cool. Congrats.

First time for everything :wink:

congrats, have a few pints for me… a bitter if you dont mind :slight_smile:

Congrats! You know, my local is about half way between you and Fran on the Reading-Gatwick line, maybe a mini-fest is in order?

Sounds good to me. We’ll all have Hattrick’s bitter.

Me and december, taking on the world. Yeah! We’ll be ready for anything.

Incidentally, did you know that Dex is also an actuary?


Lung taco rations - Cliff likes 'em well done (15)

Cheers man.

(Don’t tell me… Mistletoe and Wine! ;))