Boycott Joe Millinaire? I already am

Fans of Fox’s fraud Joe Millionaire are up in arms that the supposed final episide was just a recap and the real ending is left as a cliffhanger. They feel as duped as the heartless golddiggers vying for the affections of not-nearly-a-millinaire Joe. Krusty the Clown on a fucking rubber crutch!* These people feel ripped off because they have to wait an extra week to see some bimbos get humiliated?

On the plus side I’m way ahead of the curve becuse I’ve never watched the show :smiley:

*I like Krusty but this is less blashphemous than the normal epithet.

Would you invite someone in your home who constantly “talked down” to you, tried to get you to buy things you don’t need, kept you up 'til all hours blathering at you, etc?

Well, neither would I. That’s why I haven’t seen Joe Millionaire, or a bazillion other ghastly shows either.

Uh, what a pitiful excuse for a thread. Well, just goes to show how hard it is to flame Fox.

Coming soon from Fox: Joe Milliner. The twist: He actually can’t make quality headwear at all!

I particularly loved this gem:



It doesn’t count as a boycott unless you choose not to watch it because of a particular policy, or act. Not watching it because it is mindless crap is just a matter of taste.

I am not boycotting 99 percent of all television shows. I just don’t want to watch them. I am boycotting the network that carries the famous felon talk show, because he is a felon, and they are making money because of it. I refuse to listen. I might actually enjoy the show, if I listened to it. But I don’t buy books by crooks or anything close to it, because I think rewarding felons with lucrative contracts encourages disdain for the law.

Rewarding epic levels of poor taste is just the normal tide marks of public desire.


Just curious: Who would that be?

G. Gordon Liddy would be my guess.

That was my first thouhgt. It could also be based on Bill Clinton supposedly doing a talk show.


while I won’t be watching this week’s Joe Millionare, nor have I watched any of the preceding episodes, I do agree with the people complaining about one thing. This was a stupid thing for fox to do. I mean, come on, I know people who still won’t watch south park just because of the Who is Cartman’s father/Terrence and Philip fiasco.

Why would anyone care that much? Not only is it a show that goes out of its way to avoid continuity but they dodged the question anyway.


Oh, please. It had already been announced that the Feb. 17th show was to be 2 hours, and that the Feb. 24th show was to be called “Joe Millionaire: The Aftermath.” So, it was obvious to anyone paying close attention that the winner/loser wouldn’t be announced on Feb. 10. And if you didn’t care enough to pay close attention, why do you care enough to boycott? I’ll be glued to my teevee tomorrow night.