BPPV (vertigo)

I was diagnosed last fall with BPPV. By the time I saw an ENT the symptoms were long gone. I’m having another bout this week. My question is, does going to the physical therapist reset my crystals pretty much forever or is it just for this bout? I believe the root of it is fluid in my ear, because I’m noticing that again with this bout. But, when I was seeing medical people about it last year, they didn’t seem concerned at all about that part. The ENT was like, that doesn’t have anything to do with it. What’s your experience?

I am a physician, I have a lot of patients with vertigo, and the Epley maneuver is very useful for dislodging the crystals from where they’re stuck in the labyrinth for some patients. I’ve had some folks clear their symptoms within seconds of having the maneuver done.

The crystals can and do re-form, so the maneuver can be repeated as often as is helpful. I’ve taught more than a few patients how to do it on their own.

But not all vertigo is due to crystal formation, so the maneuver is not going to work for everyone.

However, the maneuver is pretty harmless, so can always be tried. Google it for instructions on how to do it. Or consult your doctor. Or both.

At age 63 I recently had my first bout of BPPV. I went to the ER and they did an MRI and ruled out a brain issue. After 3 nauseous days I broke down and watched this video, did the exercises and on day 4 it was completely gone. If it comes back at some point I know how to get rid of it. YMMV.

I have it. I learned to do the Eply maneuver myself (on my bed) and it works for me.
I often have to do it more than once, but it usually gives me relief pretty quickly.

I had several bouts 15 or so years ago. I’d be dizzy af for a few days and then gradually (extremely gradually) improve. With the initial episode I went to the ER, where serious stuff was ruled out. Never did any maneuver treatment, but I’d persue that if it ever recurred.

I forgot I even posted this. Thanks for the replies. On a Thursday, I made an appointment with a physical therapist on Monday. Cancelled it on Friday because work was going to interfere and by Sunday it had righted itself on its own. So, until next time, I guess.

Epley worked for me as well, although I seemingly had a pretty mild case of vertigo to begin with. I did the exercises for maybe 3 or 4 days in a row and the symptoms pretty much disappeared entirely.

Can I ask whether you’re a female of child-bearing age nearing menopause? Because I used to have ‘monthly’ episodes of BPPV starting around age 43 but they essentially disappeared once I became fully menopausal. It used to drive me nuts until I made the connection. Now, aged 58, I might get a wave or two once in a while, but nothing like the previous episodes that would last for days on end.

Good luck! It’s not nice is it!

I may have had some instances of imbalance after lying flat on my back then getting up before menopause, but nothing close to what I’ve been experiencing the past year until well after.