Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston wed!

Let the wagers begin.

Frankly, I’m giving it 2 years, tops.


There were rumours abound that Radiohead were gonna play at the wedding… was that so?

I give it 9 months

Hehe, expecting something to raise it’s ugly head after the nine months Silo?

I’m willing put my money on a longer amount of time:

7 years plus.

The fact that they have both been famous for many years and that this is the first marriage for both of them indicates to me that they don’t jump into it lightly and will give it a much more serious chance than most other Hollywood couples.

The morning radio show that I listen to has people calling in and betting on the number of months (1-12) that they think the wedding will last. The person who comes closest gets $1000 donated to a children’s charity of his choice. If the marriage miraculously exceeds 12 months, then the money goes to a children’s charity chosen by the radio station.

Well, I think the wedding will be about an hour, but the marriage will be about a year.
(p.s. did the wedding happen already?)

You know the theory that everyone has a cross-over person? You know the one person who you would gladly slide across the sexuality scale for? (has there been a thread on this? I’m too lazy to search at this time of the morning.)
As a hetero-sexual male, that person for me is Brad Pitt. I have discussed this with my wife, and she is secure in the knowledge that if Brad wanted me, I would have no choice but to kick her to the curb. She has accepted this. Now all we need is to get Brad with the program.

So I give it another few weeks if my stalking letters to him have any effect at all. :wink:

Yes, the wedding happened this past weekend. And, I meant to say marriage in my post, not wedding. Smartass. :wink:

If I had just supposedly spent a million bucks on my wedding, the guy would be stuck with me for life, regardless of how miserable I make him :slight_smile:

Another thought, I wonder if they both signed prenuptial agreements. I figure she has to be worth almost as much, if not more, than him. I’m not sure what Brad’s going rate per movie is, but she is raking in something like a half million per episode.

Of course, she broke one of the wedding rules… a woman should never marry a man more beautiful than herself.