Brady Bunch - It's over, Greg

Last night, out of sheer boredom I watched the Brady Bunch Growing up Brady TV movie…We all know they all hooked up, we know they smoked tons of pot (which was cleverly omitted from the TV movie), mom and Greg Brady went out on a date, Dad was gay…enough…

Barry Williams, if you’re reading this…we know now the stories, it’s over, all the dirt has been spilled, the truth is out. Hang it up, quit trying to milk it, OK?

I’ll admit that the first Brady bunch movie in the early 90’s was clever and cute, played on all your nostalgia, but the second one was unnecessary. No more Brady. Please?

I don’t think he had anything to do with the cheezy movie. He wrote the book over 10 years ago and who knows what brilliant network exec decided to dredge it up. The thing that was so lame was that there was an almost identical show on LAST Sunday on another station. As if there weren’t an original idea in all of Hollywood. (How could there be, if ANYONE thinks some one would want to watch “The Linda McCartney story!” COME ON!)

oh but ole Barry did have everything to do with the movie…ha narrated the entire thing and had a cameo at the beginning and the end w/ Sherwood Schwartz…god I hope that movie represented closure…

ROFL! I didn’t know that! Poor guy, he must have some major issues! Now that I think about it, I did see a CD he made called “Johnny Bravo sings” or something awful like that. Very, very troubling.

He was on Stern promiting “Johny Bravo sings” his CD has a cover of “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang. He performed it live in the studio with Sterns band, the losers.

LOL! FAFAFOOEY on the trumpet, steel drums, the works!

Barry Williams came to my college when I was a freshman (It was a pretty small, not-famous state school in MN, poor thing… Barry, not me). He dressed up in the Johnny Bravo outfit and dripped sweat on the front two rows and shamelessly touted his book.

I heard he did make out with one of the hotel employees, though.

At the end of the movie, my 17-year old daughter said:

“He wrote all that in a book? Does he expect us to LIKE him after this?”

He came to my college, too… in Des Moines, Iowa. I mean really. At least I was there for a good reason. Heh. He was very smarmy, and definitely gave the impression that he just hasn’t quite let go. It may also be that I don’t like him messing with my nostalgia-- I used to have a crush on Greg!

I, too, watched the last 45 minutes or so of the movie. I noticed that he was the only actual cast memebr to return for it, and after the way the other characters were portrayed, I can’t blame them. Sheesh.

If by “cheesy movie in the early 90’s”, you mean the one with Shelley Long as Mom Brady, that was a satire and it was hilarious. Not to be confused with any made-for-TV schlock. The “Very Brady Sequel” was equally gut-busting.

I tuned in just long enough to see that the actor that played Bobby had a cameo as a cameraman.

Barry also came to my college. I missed it. Thank God.

Newsflash: If you keep WATCHING these things, they will keep making them! Viewers=advertisers=more shows.

“Sheer boredom”?!! Dear Lord, man, don’t you have some navel lint that needs excavation?

well pundit, even my action adverture of a life takes a break sometimes…don’t worry I wrote down the products and company names, my coalition is gonna boycott.

Sometimes it’s good to be out of the country.

Besides, Ponch, you have some nerve complaining about bad t.v. shows considering your UserName…:slight_smile:

I was starting to think I was the only one who noticed! :slight_smile:

I thought it was a good movie personally. Maybe because Marcia was pretty much BANGIN thourghout it. Sorry, I’m 16, so don’t think I’m some kinda pedophile or anything. Not that theres anything wrong with those kinda people <<looks around suspiciously>>


A few years back I was at a party with Bobby Brady (Mike Lookingland - or whatever his name is).

What a party animal!


Hey - I think he is trying to cash in off The Bunch. So what? What else is he supposed to be doing? He is a has-been that had a show for a few minutes back in the seventies, and then nothing. What is wrong with Barry trying to make rent by writing a book, or making a made for TV movie? I feel little need to be down on the guy. I would do the same if I were in his shoes.

So would Butch Patrick and Al Lewis.

For whatever it’s worth, one of my best friends had a drama class, either in junior college, or high school, with the lady who played the youngest Brady (Susan Olson? It’s late and I don’t remember.)

He describes her as the one of the worst actresses in the class, and a bitch, to boot. I believe he said something to the effect of “couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag”.

So at least poor Barry was able to get a book published…