The Brady Bunch Test

For those of my generation, people who can identify the episode of the Brady Bunch by watching the first minute of the opening scene, a question:

What episode first comes to mind? Not necessarily your favorite or the one you think is most stupid, but the first episode that pops into your head. I tried this question at work (we were bored) and found the answers to be very revealing about each individual’s personality, and no two people picked the same episode. You can even throw in a little self-analysis to determine why you picked a certain episode.

Mine was the one where the kids were warned, “Don’t play ball in the house!” and they ended up breaking that hideous vase. Analysis: I fear making a mistake that will someday be discovered and result in shame and punishment.

Marsh gets hit with the football:

“Ow my nose!!!”

Analysis: I’ve always wanted the Brady kids to suffer.

Or did that happen to Marsha?

The first one that comes to my mind is when cousin Oliver is on the show. Every one thinks he is a jinx, and won’t let him do anything with them.
I don’t know why I choose that one, its just the first one that pops into my head.


Maybe you identify with Oliver… wrongly accused and helplessly buffeted by the tides of fate. :wink:

Thanks, I like that interpretation. It makes me seem almost heroic.
I was thinking I identified with Oliver’s clumsiness. But, your version rings true.

The one where the basketball rolls down the stairs and breaks mom’s favorite vase. The boys fix it, then mom uses it during dinner and the water goes all over the table. I don’t know why, but that’s the first episode that always comes to mind. Maybe 'cause I used to try to fix things that I broke, and hoped that nobody noticed (they always did, though).

I usually think of the one where Greg’s hair turned orange when he used a hair tonic that Bobby was selling. OMG! I just realized that over 20 years after seeing that, I became a hairdresser and named my son Greg!

Sometimes life is so great you just gotta muss up your hair and quack like a duck!

See? I told you this test was revealing. Unless, of course, you’re lying.

Not to imply that you’re lying, just that that’s a cool coincidence.
Coincidence… or not? (Insert Twilight Zone music here)

Marcia getting hit in the face with a football. Why is that? Why do all the episodes that jump into my head revolve around Marcia? Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

The one where they all go to Hawaii (HAWAII?!?!?)

I don’t know what this says about me, other than I find it particularly funny to see Vincent Price eating from a can of beans after tying up the Brady boys.

Oh, gosh. I guess the one that pops into my head is the one where the go to the Grand Canyon and Bobby and Cindy get lost.

Anyone care to interpret that one?

The first one that pops into my head is the Disneyland episode, where each member of the family, including Alice tried to get Mike’s plans to him on time. Always thought Cindy was especially cute in that one.

They filmed that episode at King’s Island, near Cincinnati. One of my friends who was eight at the time claims that she was there that day. Don’t know that I believe her.

The Hawaii episode! I would love to have that evil-kahuna-bad-luck-charm. I’ll bet that prop would go for a bundle at auction.

First one that comes to mine is the episode where the house was up for sale, and the kids dressed as ghosts to scare of prospective buyers.

I’m afraid to analyse that.

My episode is the one where Bobby pushes Peter out of the way of a falling ladder, Peter vows to be Bobby’s slave for life, and they end up hating each other’s guts. They make a dividing line across the room (Greg was in the attic by then) and Bobby says, “Oh yeah? Well, the bathroom’s on MY side of no-man’s-land!” Stomp stomp stomp…FLUSSSSSSHHHHHHHH. Amazing. He can flush the toilet that wasn’t there.

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together.
—Red Green

I remember the one where Cindy’s doll, “Katie Carry-All” was stolen by Tiger and she blamed Bobbie. Poor Tiger…whatever happened to him?

The one where the kids have a group picture taken (before Jan gets her glasses) and Jan trashes it when she rides her bike without her new glasses on. They make another one and she’s wearing the glasses. She gets caught out on it by I think dad. What it means? I hate glasses and never wear them which is convenient because I don’t need them! No, just kidding. I think it’s because I messed up A LOT with my folks and they always forgave me if I was trying to put it right.

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