Brady Bunch star Maureen McCormick traded sex for drugs

First, it’s “evilitude,” not evilness. Second, I’ve moved on to acid-spitting turkeys, as they also excrete acid into–well, never mind. You’ll all find out at Thanksgiving. Third…um, actually I had two things.

Meanwhile, the estate of the actor who played Sam the Butcher on the Brady Bunch has released his posthumous memoir, Got Your Sausage Right Here, Babe!, in which he reveals he once traded drugs for sex.

Umm - isn’t amyl nitrate in pill form used to lower blood pressure? “Amyl nitrate poppers” refers to a liquid inhalant, doesn’t it?

Millions of people have traded sex for drugs over the centuries so what’s new? Same old same old.

Yeah; now if she had traded Cindy for drugs, that would’ve been something to write about.

And we all thought Tiger ran off that one time, but really . . .

Uh, she did. The cartel gave Cindy back and demanded a refund.

Jan they might have kept, as she grew up to be a hottie. But Cindy–who could tolerate Cindy?

(Even though she is the centerpiece of the show’s one non-sucky episode.)

Especially after seeing how she looks at 52…

The thing that really gets me is that for years I’ve considered Barry “I used to be Greg Brady” Williams as pretty pathetic for all his “Hey, I used to be Greg Brady” books and real estate deals and public whoring, but after this book and Christopher Knight going on VH1 and revealing himself to be an utter mimbo after hooking up with that crazy chick I guess I have to take back all those things about Barry Williams. Good on ya Barry.

Unless it turns out that Mike Lookinland smuggles meth into bording schools for the Hells Angels and eats puppies or something.

I had such a crush on her when I was about 11 and she was the camp counselor on Hey Dude.

Regarding the OP, I do have to admit that the thought of a coke-fueled night of non-stop sex with '70s-era Marsha Brady might end up clouding my thoughts for the next couple days or so.

I forget which one that one was…

My fave was always the time Bobby lied about being terminally ill in order to get Joe Namath to come over to the house to toss the football around, then the dad comes home and he and Joe have hot, sweaty 69 on the astroturf lawn.

My sarcasm/non sequiter meter is broken.

You don’t mean this literally, do you?

How about a drunk driving arrest in Utah?

Shamelessly reincarnated later into an episode of Diff’rent Strokes with Arnold subbing for Peter and Muhammad Ali for Joe Namath.

Reggie Jackson, IIRC.

If so, I’m shocked to hear that Dana Plato was a tranny.

It would be so much more satisfying if he had pretended to be terminally ill and then Muhammad Ali showed up and beat the shit out of him.

True story.

I lived in Vegas and had a buddy that worked at a radio station. This was about the time Plato got busted for robbing a video store. The morning crew at the same station had her on a few times for “comic relief”.

Long story short: I was at an event hosted by the station. She was there, too. She thought her “celebrity” status made her a high-doller escort, when in actuality she was a $20 Ho. She was pretty nasty.

She dropped her price amazingly fast. Must have been pretty hard-up, so to speak.

And now she’s dead.

What about trading sex with Cindy for drugs?

Many trade sex for money and money for drugs. It’s impressive that McCormick, even at her young age, was savvy enough to cut out the middle step. More economically efficient. Why can’t today’s teen stars show some business sense, dammit?!