Brady Bunch star Maureen McCormick traded sex for drugs

Not a very Brady thing to do!

Kind of a surprise. I never heard a peep about this.

From the story, the part about trading drugs for sex didn’t sound like it involved a lot of people.

It sounds like she did it with one person and had some isolated incidents with it. The headline seems misleading if this is all the story is about.

Well… it’s possible it was a one off, but based on her self described history of being a long term, strung out, very hardcore coke addict I don’t think I’d bet my ranch that she traded her pussy for blow once and once only.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

And the evil Mrsin says as I read him this tread: “Sex for drugs? I get sex and drugs? What’s the downside, win, win.” Look out SkaldtR, if MrSin becomes a member you might have a run for your evilness. And he’s collecting nuclear bees.

Does this make anyone else feel old?

I had some sympathy for her the first time she came out with her “revelations” a few years ago. Then she went on Celebrity Fat Club. Then it was Dr. Phil with some teary drama about her dad and her brothers. Now I’m thinking Maureen McCormick ain’t nothing but a drama queen attention whore who’s always looking to make a buck off her past and the private business of her ex-coworkers. Go 'way, Marcia!

I guess anyone who was depicted on the Wall O’ Faces qualifies as a “Brady Bunch star?” Which would disqualify Sam the Butcher, and Tiger, and the Hawaiian tiki god. Did Cousin Oliver ever make the Wall?

Sherwood Schwartz had a definite knack for closed-system, hellish Existentialist-style sitcoms in which the stars outnumbered the supporting characters. Frankly I am astounded that the kids all somehow made it to adulthood, a fact which I can only attribute to the benevolent all-encompassing aura of Davy Jones.

I had the chick from “Different Strokes” proposition me for a $500 blowjob. She eventually got down to $20.

A little, but she’s still older than me and that makes me feel slightly better.

What did you spend the twenty on?

This made me laugh waaay more than it deserved.

what’d ya spend the 20 on? heh heh heh

Wonder how well a book by a former child star would sell it they had a wonderful, normal life?
Has it ever been done?
I may chekc it out at the library, anything in there about a tryst between her and David Cassidy?

Mom always said, don’t shoot smack in the house.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.


Holy crap! All this time I had her confused with Christine Taylor! I was thinking, “Man, Marcia Brady aged well and still has it!” She looks so much like her!

Another small skirmish fought against ignorance.

And now I think I see why.


Well, at least I have something to contribute to the next, “Stupid things you didn’t know or just recently figured out.” thread.

Yeah, just that one thing. :slight_smile:

Charlotte Rae?!?!

Wait- I would swear the ‘lesbian tryst between McCormick and Plumb’ story already came out, like a couple years ago. At least, it’s been in the spank bank for that long.

Does Marsha come out with a new tell-all book every 2 years?

Or whenever the blow runs out.