Brady Bunch Trivia

In the Brady reunion TVLand special, Christopher Knight mentions that “Peter” failed at the 3 jobs he held. What were the three jobs? I recall his work at the bicycle shop, for one. My wife says he worked in an ice cream shop, but I can’t recall this at all. (Can someone fill me in?) And, what would be the third job?

Thanks, Jinx

I rememer the ice cream shop. Marcia got him the job, she was his boss. He was better at eating the ice cream than serving it, and she had to fire him.

The third job? No clue.

I believe he was a paper boy in one episode; but this is just vague recollection, not certainty.

Coulda been Bobby of which I’m thinking, though.

Did he work for his Dad’s architecture firm delivering blueprints? Or was that Greg?

I think that was just the one episode, with them running through the amusement park.

According to this site , the third job was delivering pizzas.

No, that was a separate episode. There was one where Greg got a job being a courier for his dad’s company and he accidentally lost the plans while he was stopped at a newstand, buying a car magazine.

Darn, I knew I should have looked around more before stating that with any certainty. I used to be pretty good on this stuff, too… :o

Gee, I see you all, like me, had a real busy day today, too :D:D:D

We never found out how that job panned out, though. The episode ended with him announcing that he’d been hired, and planned to stay at least long enough to eat his way through the menu. That could be an indication that he was going to slack off on that job too, or it could have meant that this time, he was at least going to try to earn his discount.