Bragging about toddlers

My daughter, who is 15 months old, is sitting at the table drinking water from a cup. Not a sippy cup, an actual cup. I am so happy. She has had the dexterity for some time, but everytime she had the opportunity to hold the cup herself, overwhelmed at the power, splashed it all over by vigorously shaking the cup up and down. She has not used a bottle in over 7 months and has never used a sippy cup. We have been holding the cup for her. She can also drink from a straw, has for months. Very convenient skill that she developed one afternoon at IKEA. She talks well for her age and knows the color green and now can distinguish dogs from bears. She also ate her lemon ice with a spoon all by herself tonight.

I know all these things seem mundane, but I am bursting with pride.

How are the other doper toddlers?

Ooh, I think that between 1 and 2 is the best age for a child! My toddlers are 11 and 14, respectively, but I remember so clearly what it felt like to see them at that stage. You’re absolutely right to be proud of her - I don’t think mine were adept with spoons or cups until they were at least 18 months (and the older one, who is a certified genius nonetheless, was still working on the concept of not tipping her cup up when drinking from a straw at the age of four).

Years, that is. Cuteness has been in short supply around here for some time, so I love to live vicariously through parents of actual toddlers.

My 18 month old son has physical and cognitive developmental delays. Today at church I watched him toddle around and almost running thanks to his new ankle braces, and I was so proud of my little Tristan. He also says thank you every time it is appropriate, without us reminding him and I think that’s pretty cool for a little guy like him to do.

Our twins are 21 months old.

My son is a climber. He has an incredible sense of balance, and seldom falls. This is good, because he can sometimes get himself into places he shouldn’t be.

He also learned how to ride his little plastic car down the sidewalk, and can steer it quite well. He’s been doing this for months now. Blew our minds when it happened - he picked it up by watching the other kids on our street.

Our daughter is sweet, but very, very stubborn. She’s the more disobedient of the two, amazingly enough. She’s also very obsessed with animals, especially cats and puppies.

What our third kid will be like is anybody’s guess. Check back with us in November.

Oh, I love to brag about my baby! He’s 12 1/2 months old. His tricks: he can imitate a dog and a fire truck when he hears them, he recently learned how to unscrew caps (although I’m very proud of this, it sent me into a scurry of childproofing), he throws a ball very well, he decided one day two weeks ago that he wasn’t going to use his bottle anymore and switched to a sippy cup (he did this on his own…just started rejecting his bottle), he recently learned how to kiss (my favorite trick of all).

Well, my kids aren’t toddlers anymore (my baby just started kindergarten sniff), but I loved the toddler stage. I remember watching my daugter learn how to walk. I noticed her standing up clinging to the coffee table one day; she had her eyes narrowed and was staring at my feet as I crossed the room. Over the next few days she continued to stare at our feet, anytime one of us got up. She even watched the cats. Every now and then I saw her look down at her own feet and, one at a time, pick them up and put them down, still hanging on to the table. Then she’d go back to staring at us.

Then, one day, she let go of the table and strolled over to my chair. Talk about being gobsmacked; she didn’t even wobble.

When my son was a toddler we lived with my mom and shared a bedroom. One evening I was lying in bed with my glasses on, reading, while he pottered about with his toys. After a while he crawled up into his own bed, next to mine. I glanced over and he was wearing Mr. Potato Head’s glasses and looking seriously at the pages of Green Eggs and Ham. Too cute! Mom caught that one with her camera; it’s one of my favorite pictures. That, and him running naked through the yard.

Aaron just turned two on August 1st.

He’s got excellent problem-solving skills. If you give him a new toy, he’ll figure out how to use it within one or two tries. He knows that you answer the phone by saying “hello”, and that if he talks into it, someone will usually talk back.

He’s also ridiculously polite. He says “please” and “thank you” and holds doors open for people. He’s learning to take turns and share, and will share his food. We’re still working on the utensil thing, but if he puts his mind to it, he will eat with a spoon and fork, and he can distinguish between the two.

Cognitively, he’s got some of his colors down; he can tell you his shirt is red, his pants are blue, and the lid of his sippy cup is yellow. He can count to 10 and recognize some numbers by shape. He knows most of his body parts now, both on himself, on another person, and in pictures. He also knows that you sleep in a bed and you go upstairs to go to bed, and downstairs after you’re up and dressed. He’s also learning to put two or three words together to make sentences.

I agree, toddlerhood is fun! It’s neat to watch him learn something new.


I think it was Heinlein who said that if it weren’t for parents’ delusions about the unique wonderfulness of their children they’d strangle them at birth.

My toddler is better than yours. No, he really is. Really. Exceptionally advanced at everything. That is just an objective fact.


Hmm, thinks back to when shakes jr. was a kid.

Let’s see…

Ate a half piece of Pizza he found sitting underneath the sofa cushion. (God only knows how long it’s been sitting there)

Came running into my room one day with his shirt pulled half way over his head. He managed to get himself stuck because he was trying to stick his head through the arm hole. Now he needed my assistance to get the shirt back off. Oh, yeah I guess I should tell ya, on his was in to my room he managed to plow himself into the wall because he couldn’t see with the shirt pulled up over his head…

Then there was the time he tried to push kitty down the stairwell on his brothers skateboard. Kitty turned out ok but the son got scratched to hell.
Yeah, they can’t all be winners! :wink:

Still gotta love’m though…

[hijack]Hope you jump into some twins threads 'cause I can use all the insights anyone can offer with two coming around New Year’s.

China Bambina at 4 is past the toddler stage, but that was really a fun stage.

I went out for ice cream with my brother, his wife and their toddler(15 or so months). We went to a place with soft serve ice cream. Brother got german chocolate, wife got twist- that was defective and mostly chocolate, and Toddler got free plain vanilla. We then went out and sat down, with the mostly chocolate twist in front of toddler. She ate that ice cream very well, with occasional forays into her parents dishes. Likewise, they ate bites that fell off her spoon or just helped themselves to bites from her bowl so that she wouldn’t eat too much. It was really cute to watch. All things considered, the amount of ice cream on her clothes was not too bad. She is much more well behaved than many children her age.

I also have enjoyed following her around. She picks things up, carries them around, sets them back where they came from, picks them up again. Or she’ll unload her bookshelf into your lap. She’s pretty good about not putting things in her mouth.

My nephew just turned 2 this past Friday. We had been on vacation the past 2 weeks - extended family, 20+ people - of which there were anywhere from 6 to 8 children, ages 2 to 7, running around and playing. And, of course, with small children running around and playing together, lots of pictures are taken.

By the end of the time I was there, my nephew was walking around the living room, holding up any square object to his eye (a biscuit, a small etch-a-sketch), and yelling “Smile!”. :stuck_out_tongue:


My daughter isn’t a toddler yet, but please, please, please let me join in anyway!

At almost-six-months she is going to start crawling at any moment. She can get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth and roll over and she JUST learned to pull herself up to a sitting position. I predict crawling before 7 months. If I stand her up on her feet and just let her hold onto my fingers, she can stand up and support her weight (albeit in a very wobbly fashion - she won’t be standing up unaided for quite a while!).

I started her on solid foods about 3 weeks ago and she took to it immediately. So far she’s had rice cereal, oat cereal (both thickened with breast milk), sweet potatos and squash. She’s eating one solid-food meal a day now and hasn’t had any problems at all with taking food from a spoon, swallowing, etc. Next: peas and then carrots!

She has also (in the past week or so) learned to clap her hands. If you hold out a small toy for either hand, she’ll take them both and bang them together, looking very proud of herself.

This parenting thing is kinda fun!

My son cross-crawled successfully for the first time the day he turned six-months old. Before that we had weeks of rocking back and forth on hands and knees, followed by crawling backward and wedging himself under the couch and leaping forward like a frog, sprawling on his face and crying. The next week he learned to sit up by himself. All the books carefully explain how the sitting up is a necessary prelude to crawling; I think babies work things out for themselves. He pulled to a stand the following week and started climbing stairs and cruising furniture at seven months; he did not walk until fourteen months of age.

My daughter had a 15 word vocablulary at 10 months and could climb furniture and playground equipment before she could walk.

They are 11 and 9 respectively now, and the accompishments are more like “did homework after only being asked once” and “cleaned up room including under the bed with only three reminders”.

Pinky can now answer simple yes and no questions… with a shake or nod of his head. It’s not much, but it sure helps out trying to figure out his wants.

Me: “Would you like juice?”
Pinky <shakes head>
Me: “Would you like milk?”
Pinky <nods vigorously>
Me: “Can you say, ‘May I have milk, please?’”
Pinky: “Puh-puh-puh… sssssss”
Me: <Gives him milk.>

The Kilt-wearin’ Lad is 13 months old. He drinks from straws (he gets jealous when mommy or daddy has a straw and he doesn’t), identifies all furry animals as “Kitty-cat”, and blows raspberries on his mommy - very funny stuff. He actually called my wife “mommy” before he called me “daddy”, defying common wisdom (“Daddy” is supposed to be easier to say) and making her very happy indeed.

He also likes to kick his toy ball, although he’s not exactly “bending it like Beckham” - half the time a good kick will send the ball rolling and send him crashing down on his butt.

Oh yeah, I forgot - my son shakes and nods for “no” and “yes” too, although “no” is a lot more consistent, and “yes” tends to be used more for approval than agreement…

Actually, those seem like huge accomplishments!

If I were going to tell you everything that is wonderful about my little girl (23 months), I’d have to send you all to use the bathroom and grab a snack, because we’d be here for a while. But she did one thing today which really knocked my socks off.

We had some friends of hers over (3 other kids, all generally the same age), which isn’t something we’ve done a lot of—usually we’d go to the other kids’ houses because we lived in a small apartment until recently. So, that means my girl isn’t used to having to share her toys and I can see that it’s still a real struggle for her. She watches what everyone is playing with, just in case she needs to reclaim it. (I do keep the really special toys put away, the ones which would be just impossible to share, like her Dolly). Anyhow, she got into a little tiff with one little boy over something. He had given it to her for her to have a turn, and it seemed like there would be no getting her to relinquish it. Telling her “You have to share” still doesn’t mean a lot right now. But then the boy got frustrated and started to cry, and when I said to her, “He’s sad because he wanted a turn, too”, she immediately handed it to him.

I may have made my daughter sound like a bully here, who only shares once she’s made the other kids cry, but that’s not it at all. Once she understood that her actions were causing sadness for another child, she empathized and wanted to help him stop feeling sad. The other moms may have been like “Whatever. At last she’s learning how to share”, but I was really proud of her and told her so.