Brain test

This site has a test that determines about how much of what parts of the brain you use. I’ve taken this test a couple times (with random questions each time) and I get similar scores each time. Kinda freaky…

My results:

Left: 60%
Right: 40%
Auditory: 53%
Visual: 47%

I’m even-brained and more visual than audial.

Makes sense. I’m doing much better in psych than in sociology. All my socio prof does is lecture. Psych gives us overheads.

According to the test:

Left 57.1%
Right 42.9%

Audio 57.1%
Visual 42.9%

I think the visual/audio thing is wrong, but at least it’s right near the middle.

Left - 76.2
Right - 23.8

Auditory - 28.6
Visual - 71.4

Man, what the hell is wrong with me?:slight_smile:

Even Brained here.

Well, I tried it a couple of more times and, while the visual/auditory relationship fluctuated between 70-30 and 50-50, my left brain is consistantly in the 70’s.

I think the right half of my brain might be dead.:slight_smile:

Just to be a spoilsport, anyone who downloads a random executable from a website and executes it on their machine definitely isn’t using some part of their brain properly. This thing could be a major trojan horse. I’d strongly recommend against doing this except from a trusted site.

60% left, 60% auditory.

Interesting, since my hearing is shot.


I scanned it before I ran it. It’s clean. At least according to the most recent Mcaffee virus definitions.

63.6% left
60% auditory

But I’ve always considered myself a visual person.

65.2 left
69.2 visual

It would be hard to evaluate a test based only on 20 questions. I scored 42.9/57.1 on the left/right brain eval., and 33.3 audio vs. 66.7 visual.

More important is the report, that’s where you can judge for yourself how accurate it is. It said I had an artistic temperment and oblivious to the social nicities, which makes me sound like Jackson Pollack. That’s doubtful. I was incredibly rude at one time, but have learned to hold it in check, and actually appreciate grace and manners.

“Rarely reflective about yourself and your motivation.” Bunk. Pure bunk, and I have the diaries to prove it. I’ve been constantly asking myself why I was formed in this way and what I do some things well and not others. If anything, I have to learn not to be so reflective, to just cut loose and do the damn thing and not worry about the why.

“Absorb information randomly. When building something, more willing to dive in and look at the diagrams.” True there. Linear thought processes are very hard with me. Read paragraph, stop in the middle to check something in a dictionary. Read some more, stop to scribble a note.

For example, right now I have to finish a book review, reorganize version 3.0 of my Web site (consulting Dreamweaver to figure out how to do things I need), line-edit my Mark Twain story, finish a second Twain story for a competition, push through the application on the mortgage for our house, and do the usual household chores. Oh, and go to work as well. Which, of course, is why I’m posting to this board at 4 a.m

“Needs structure and to remain focused.” True again. I have to tell myself “focus” or “what do I need to do next” and wait for the answer.

I’d have to take the test a few more times and see what the other responses are before I could say just how effective this is.