Not really mad at you, but I didn’t want to post this any of your (MANY) GD threads on the subject…

Do you get paid based on how many ME threads you start? By my count you have 6 threads on the front page all talking about protests/revolution in the ME.

Does each country really need its own thread?

Yes, each country really needs its own thread. Each is having its own maybe-revolution.

Well, shit. That was easy. Mods? Close this one up?

I disagree.

ETA: I was able to find a resolution to my issue so that I do not have to see them every time I refresh the page, which I was previously unaware of.

Mods, you can close this. sorry for wasting your time.

Why wouldn’t each country need its own thread? How does the [del]abdication[/del] resignation of Hosni Mubarak affect the people of Tripoli’s desire to change their government?

One does not affect the other, unless simple inspiration counts. But it is all the same shit in each thread.

But as I said I have been pointed to a solution which seems to resolve my dislike for so many threads. This is (and pretty much always was) a non-issue now.

Is it just the fact that they’re all countries in the Middle East? Suppose there was one about France, another about Zaire, and another about Chile. Would you still have pitted him?

Lame pitting.

Probably, if they were all in different threads.


In future, I will instruct the states of the Middle East to have their riots and/or protests one at a time, so you need not be inconvenienced by multiple threads discussing them.


Nonsense. If I had not started a separate thread on Yemen, I never would have learned about qat!

As you apparently agree with your critics all that remains is a polite mod request to close the thread down.

All together now.

‘Kumbaya M’Lord …’

Individual threads are fully capable of supporting multiple conversations.

Please see post #4

Unlike those of us who learned about qat* through Scrabble.

*Also qi, qadi, qanat, qoph and all the other oddball q without u words.

Where were you during the Restore Hope Operation? News kept mentioning it all the time.

Just curious… any other example where “pitter” becomes the “pittee”?

Happens all the time. Check out the Superdude thread (now locked, but still on the front page) for an extreme example.