Brandewyn Apology

I’m completely new to the message board scene, so my etiquette may be less than perfect. Was I posting in the wrong section or posting inappropriate content? As KP would say, “What’s the sitch?”. I’d like to be part of your community, but I need some guidelines. Obviously, I have my own interests and foibles.
How do I express these in an acceptable manner?

Sincere apologies,

Read the rules in FAQ/About this Message Board (of which this post would belong).

Hang out, read a LOT, and get a feel for the place - that’s honestly the best way to do it.
Read the forum descriptions if you need to know where to post something.
You may get this thread moved as well - the description for the General Questions section states that it’s for questions that have a factual answer and I’m not sure this qualifies. Don’t get upset about it though, mods move stuff all the time around here and it’s certainly not personal.


brandewyn, please read these posts and do what they say before posting again. So far, your posts have all been made in the wrong forums, and have not been very coherent. You need to get a better sense of where to post things, and what kind of posts are going to get a better response. Also, it’s not a good idea to post under the influence of alcohol as you said you were in your first thread.

This said, I’m going to close this. If you really want to be a part of the community, you first need to understand better what the community is all about.

General Questions Moderator