Brandied Peaches

Twelve quarts of the fool things. A hot, sweaty job that involves spreading sugary syrup all over the kitchen floor.

Everyone I know is getting brandied peaches for Christmas. I on the other hand may never look a peach in the eye again.

So whose idea was it that so many of those hot sweaty jobs (canning, making jelly, blanching things for freezing) come at the end of the summer when everything is hot and sweaty anyway? Why not in the middle of January when you could really use a good blast of steam?

Anyway, good job on the peaches. If you have any left over, I’ll be more than willing to take them off your hands.

Because that’s when the fruit you are trying to preserve for the winter is harvested?

My Mother used to send these to my father when he was at West Point. It’s not easy to sneak booze into a place like that, but a Southern girl can always find a way! LOL!

All those on your list should count themselves lucky!

Can a girl get a recipe?

some people have summer kitchens, a separate building or an enclosed and ventilated porch for heat intensive cooking and canning during warm months. was more common when cooking heat was wood or coal and not very localized to what is being cooked.

Can I be your new best friend?

Or at least second the request for your recipe. :slight_smile:

mmmmmmboy! I like preserved fruits.

I’ve got brandied bullaces on the go (they are a type of wild damson (damsons are a type of plum)) - but I’m mainly after the flavoured brandy syrup at the end of the process, not the fruit.

The recipe is here:

Do not forget to spread little bits of simple syrup evenly over the kitchen floor. This is a critical step.

I find this very interesting. I live close to Georgia and have gotten some very good peaches this summer from farm stands. Perhaps I should take a whack at this.

Yeah, well you would have to throw some logic in there. :slight_smile: Maybe we should just think about the hot days when we open the jars in the winter.

Well, of course. That’s how you get really good traction. Eventually.

Thanks for the recipe. I loaded up on peaches at the farmers market this weekend, and I’ll be trying this out tonight.