Brands that use inspirational quotes on their packaging

I’m an inspirational writer looking for companies that use
quotes on their packaging. I know Celestial Seasonings Teas
does, and Starbucks puts quotes on their coffee cups…
can you think of any others?

Or can you suggest companies that don’t currently do this,
but would be a good fit for uplifting motivational messages?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

The cardinal example of this, though it went beyond inspirational and crossed over into the realm of, let’s say, eccentric:

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Wow, I had no idea someone could specialize in that. Good for you!

I always assumed it was just a generalist writer’s job (“Chumley, you’ve got eight spec sheets and two ads to write by 3 pm, and they need something inspirational by end of day. Needs to fit a 3x4” flap at 10pt type.").

Or I could imagine a busy newsroom: “Listen up, everyone. Packaging for the Krunchy Kiwi Kombucha tea is going to the printer in an hour. Anybody got an aphorism for the inner bag?” “Ooh, how about 'We die…” “Neil! What did we say about your Nihilism manifestos?” “Okay, sorry, I just think they need to know…” “They need to relax, and enjoy a cup of tea, Neil! C’mon, SOMEone must have something… Hey, Sammy’s here! Stoner Sammy The FedEx Guy, you always have something.” “Dude, I was reading Kerouac, and I made up a haiku…”

Uhhhh, I’ll get right on that, boss…

This sounds inspirational, but probably isn’t:

Nothing is better for thee, than me – Quaker Oats

Dr. Bronner’s was the first one I thought of, but people responded with it immediately.

That said, I can’t agree that “Dilute! Dilute!” is really “inspirational”.

It’s been a while since I’ve had them, but Dove Chocolates had inspirational quotes on their wrappers.

I’m not American, so I don’t know if something like this existed in the US, but the first thing I thought about were the wrappers of sugar cubes in cafés and restaurants in my childhood that often contained aphorisms and motivational sayings. I haven’t thought about them and haven’t seen them for a long time. My second thought were fortune cookies. Now someone has to write those, and immediately a Simpsons episode came to mind, including freaking Woody Allen as a fortune cookie writer:

Is this comparable to what you do for a living, OP? :wink:

Thanks, solost! :slight_smile:

Not really! :slight_smile: My stuff has been licensed worldwide for gift products like framed wall decor, mugs, affirmations cards, etc.

Thanks to you all for responding! :slight_smile: