Brave Scott Brown Bravely Ran Away (from debate with Elizabeth Warren)

One of Brown’s requirements for debating Warren at the Kennedy Institute was that Ted Kennedy’s widow, Vicki Kennedy, pledge to make no endorsement of either candidate, and stay uninvolved in the race until it’s over.

It was a pretty ridiculous request, and sure enough,Brown’s refusing to debate, using that as his excuse.

To which I can only say: Bawwk! Bawk, bawk, baaaaaaaawwwwkkkkk!!!

Sorry, just can’t help it. This really seemed to rate this level of response.

That’s a fucking beaut! Unless Ted K’s wife guarantees him she’ll keep her mouth shut, he doesn’t fucking debate the issues? Who the hell pulls shit like that and expects to get away with it?

Walkback in five, four, three…

I suspect the real reason for the demand was because he didn’t want the debate held in a venue whose name would remind everyone of Ted Kennedy (which is reasonable), but instead of just saying that he decided to hide it by making a demand that he knew Mrs Kennedy wouldn’t agree to.

It’d be interesting to see what would happen if they called his bluff and offered to have Mrs Kennedy step down as President of the Board till after the election.

Why should he debate in a venue that screams DEMOCRAT and is run by the wife of the late Democratic Senator whose “seat” he won? I would’t expect Obama to agree to debate Romney at the Reagan Library.

Here’s how debates work: The guy who is behind in the polls wants as many debates as possible and the guy who is ahead wants as few as possible. The rest is theater.

Oh, Scotty boy is sure willing to debate Ms. Warren, as long as it’s on the radio talk show of Dan Rea, his BFF who regularly kisses Scotty’s butt when he isn’t running Democrat-derogatory themes.

Spoken or not, why is Vicki Kennedy’s endorsement so important? Wouldn’t it be fairly obvious to everyone in MA who she privately supports?

Well, let’s say they have a debate at the Kennedy place, and then the next day Vicki Kennedy comes out and endorses Warren. Sure, no surprise, but it kinda takes the wind out of the actual debate and puts the focus on Warren, no matter who “won”.

It would be really stupid for him to agree to debate at that venue under almost any circumstances.

And yet he did agree, provided that they meet his conditions.

What he should have done is ask for a more obviously neutral venue in the first place, rather than stipulating a stupid condition that he must have known would be rejected. To take your earlier comparison, it would be like Obama agreeing to debate Romney at the Reagan Library, as long as all mention of Reagan’s name at the location were covered.

Well, where did he think he was running, Kansas? The article doesn’t mention whether or not he had agreed to the venue. Did he? Does he have a list of acceptable venues, or is it just this one?

How fast can we get the Widow Kennedy in front of cameras, dabbing at her brimming tears as she talks about how hurt her feelings are? Sure, its underhanded, but the man’s a snake.

Yea, that’s why I think its obvious Scott’s just trying to avoid the venue, and for whatever reason thinks it would be damaging to just come out and say that he doesn’t want to have the debate at a place named after a popular Democrat.

It doesn’t have anything to do with Viki Kennedy.

And this just in from my good friends at Daily Kos

The article doesn’t tell us much of anything. Nor does the link to TPM, the original source.

This seems odd. I could see him arguing that she should not make an endorsement at the event, but the next day? Big deal. Besides, is anyone going to be surprised that Mrs. Kennedy is going to be endorsing the Dem candidate. This is seems to be pathetically weak on Brown’s part. But I’m not going to be surprised if we learn that the article doesn’t provide the whole story. I just can’t see how he would think this would fly. It’s Lame to the nth degree.

From the Boston Herald:

So, he apparently did agree to the location, but didn’t want the commies at MSNBC involved, and wanted Kennedy to keep mum.

I might add, JM, that as an Obama supporter, i’d have no trouble to him agreeing to a debate at the Reagan Library. Hell, he’s more in line with Reagan’s politics than Romney is.

Well, it says they did it there before, and he had no problem. Kennedy was just as dead then as he is now.

And I’m sure TPM appreciates your scrupulous attention to detail, but Josh and Markos are pretty much cool with each other.

Can’t blame him. MSNBC is (mostly) a left leaning, Democratic advocating network. Their prime-time talking heads are all left or left leaning. I’m not sure if’ he’s ahead in the polls, but as the incumbent, maybe he feels he doesn’t need the debates to get his name out there as much as Warren does. Debates are part of the overall political strategy for most politicians.

I know that Nancy isn’t alive today, but if she were, and if she were running the place, I would not advise Obama to debate there. What would he have to gain? Obama is in a similar position to Brown-- the incumbent fighting against a challenger. Unless he’s really lagging in the polls, the debates are more risk than reward for him.

Quoted for troofs. If you wonder why this is the case, ask Rick Perry (wow, no wonder that guy tries to avoid opening his mouth in front of a mic).

I can’t really blame him either, but what he should have done is just said no, rather than laying down conditions that he must have known would be rejected.

If you invite me to your house for a barbecue, and i know that the menu consists of steaks and hamburgers, i shouldn’t say, “Sure i’ll come, as long as your wife won’t be there and you don’t serve meat.” I should just politely decline the invitation.

The Widow Reagan is in fact, at age 90, still alive.

He doesn’t want to debate anybody that knows anything. In a battle of wits he’s an unarmed man. He’ll use any excuse to get out of a debate.