Brazilian man owes $1.9M in traffic fines

Cops nab motorist who owes $1.9M in traffic fines

That’s about two or three tickets a week for seven years!

The Scofflaw!

How do you say Newman in Portuguese?

What was he doing?:eek:

I have to assume it was all due to speed cameras.

At least in the Rio area (where I regularly go) you would really have to work hard to stick out enough among the regular chaos of day-to-day traffic to get your three tickets per week. Traffic enforcement is very lax compared to the States.

Perhaps São Paulo has better traffic enforcement; never been there.

But they do have lots of speed cameras.

1,000 tickets = $1.9mill?
Even assuming 50% of that being additional fines and interest,
that’s in the neighborhood of $1000/ticket.

Well, he actually owes 3.4 million reals. Exchange rates don’t always reflect the real value of the currency in its home country.