Brazilian Steakhouses like Fogo De Chao in Dallas

Anyone here been to Fogo De Chao or a similar restaurant? For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, Fogo is a restaurant in Dallas that serves meat ‘Gaucho Style’. You pay $35 a head to get in, and they have big racks of meat on skewers cooking next to big open fires. Your table setting has a disc of paper which is red on one side, green on the other. You start off with it red up and go help yourself to the salad bar, which is perhaps the best I have ever seen. When you are ready for the ‘real food’ you turn your disk green side up, and the servers will come around with various types and cuts of meat on spits and ask if you want them to carve you off some. They also keep dishes of fried plantains, mashed potatoes, and these things that are like doughnut holes with cheese in them on your table. They have about 13 different kinds of meat you can get, parmesan coated pork chops, leg of lamb, brandy-marinaded chicken, filet mignon, sausages that I think were made out of duck…when your plate is full you turn the disc red side up and they will ignore you until you are ready for more and turn it back over.

I think this is about the best place for a hungry carnivore to eat in this town. I don’t know if reservations are required, but we always make them when we go. The atmosphere is nice, and you will see lots of people dressed casually there. Are there any other restaurants like this? I did a quick search and found out there is one in Houston.

I know of two such places in the Washington area - Coco Loco in D.C. and Greenfields in Rockville. This style of restaurant is known as a churrasqueria. Expensive but good eating. Do a search using the word “churrasqueria” and you may be able to find a few more of them (although when I tried this, I got a lot of Brazilian websites).

FWIW, I’ve found places like this going by the name of either “Argentine Barbecue” or " Churriascara"-Brazilian Barbecue. We’ve got about three here in the DC area, and they vary in quality. One is a chain called “Malibu Grill”, and they’re ready to expand into Atlanta and Chicago. They’re all right, but I think the actual Brazilian places are better. I had my wedding rehearsal dinner at one in Rockville, MD, and it was excellent- cruise ship sized salad and hot food bar, and then they start bringing out the meat.
About thirteen kinds, from filet to tenderloin to duck and rabbit, sausages, turkey cubes wrapped in bacon, chicken hearts, and at dinner only they bring out short ribs a la the Flintstones. No kidding, these things are at least two feet long. Drool.
Now I have to go make reservations.

I found pretty good luck searching with Google on “brazilian steakhouse” or on “churriascara”. Maybe you will too.

I like Fogo de Chao. I go every couple of months with some friends and just eat and eat. Have you tried Texas de Brazil? It’s almost the exact same thing except the meat isn’t as salty.

I’ll be in Dallas next month, and all I can think about is Fago De Chao. Went there a few years back and talk about it frequently.


When is one presented with the opportunity to waive off Prime Rib?

“Excuse me, I’m waiting for something better…say a skewer of filet mignon wrapped in bacon. Be gone with that Prime Rib.”

First time I ever saw 20 pound slab of prosciuto at a “salad” bar. The meat and cheese at the bar alone was mind-boggling. I ate about 30 bucks worth of prosciuto.

I kept looking at different meats and thinking, “Damn, what’s the street value on THAT!?”

Women do not take as kindly to this place. Give me a women who loves football, Fago de Chao and the Stooges…and I’ll show you one big girl! Damn! Although, all that salt could affect some meat other than the meat they’re serving… I’ll take me chances.

Girls, my fantasy is to devour a large meal at Fago with several hot women. Who’s in? I’ll be there in a few weeks.

Yup, there’s one here in Salt Lake City called The Rodizio Grill. Same red-and-green thingies, same great salad bar, same creaking platters of meat everywhere you turn. Apart from the salad bar, I’m afraid Philster wouldn’t like me much–there’s just too damn much meat at this place. I felt like a bloated packhorse the first time I stumbled outta there after a meal. The second time I went, I just got the salad bar, but I don’t think I ate enough lettuce, cheese cubes, and exotic veggie dishes to justify the price.

However, if you are a die-hard carnivore like Mr. Teeth, then yeah, I can see the appeal.

I’m sure that I could be tempted. However, you may want to ask the question in MPSIMS, as the Dallas dopers will get together at the drop of a hat.

Philster, Fogo de Chao is one of my favorite places here in Dallas. I don’t go often, but now you’ve got me drooling for it again.

I’ve often contemplated a Dallas Doper get-together at Fogo de Chao, but have hesitated to suggest it because of the price. Start that MPSIMS thread, and we’ll see.