Finding This Cancun Restraunt

About ten years ago when visiting Cancun, my family and I went to a restraunt that featured the best beef I’ve ever tasted. The interesting thing about the restruant is that you didn’t order anything: They came around to your table with a cut of beef that had been slow-roasting in their stone ovens for 24 hours and ask if you’d like a slice or two.

Does anybody remember what the name of this restraunt is/was and if there’s any information about it on the web?

I don’t know the exact restaurant you are asking about but it has to be a Churrascaria based on your description. There are lots of them and in many cities.

Well, there’s an Argentinian place called Cambalacha “Casa de big Steak” that has lots of beef on the menu, but somehow I don’t think that’s it.
If you Google “cancun beef restaurant”, you get this , and that’s a decent place to start.

Or try “Brazilian Barbecue” as an alternative name for this type of cuisine.

Thanks for the link, **adam yax **.

It does sound a lot like the restraunt we visited. However, Fogo de Chao doesn’t have a restraunt in Cancun. Also the restraunt we attended was pretty formal in nature. I don’t remember exactly what the tableside slicers wore, but they certainly didn’t look like “gauchos”.

But with this information, at lease, perhaps I can track down the actual restraunt, if it still exists. And I won’t have to go all the way to Cancun again to sample such food. :wink: