Brazilian Wax .. Why???

My wife just came back from the beautician after having a Brazilian Wax

Can any female doper explain what is the point of a Brazilian wax??? I can understand if you let it grow wild and untamed, I can understand if you keep it neatly trimmed, I can even understand if you got it completely waxed…but what is the point of leaving a tiny bit of hair on an otherwise bald “playing field” ?

When I asked my wife she said it was so she could ware her bikini… its winter here in Scotland just above freezing and the rain is horizontal and the weather is the same in the summer apart from a week in June when we get 4 days of sun … she doesn’t go swimming and we can’t afford to go on a holiday in the sun , the only time she wares her bikini is to see if she needs a wax? Anyway if it was trimmed or completely waxed she could still ware her bikini without any hair peeping out … so why leave a tuft of hair …is it psychological that you need to keep some hair down there ?

Some men find it sexy. Perhaps she hoped you were one of them.

Obviously not.

I thought a Brazilian wax removed ALL of the hair, and a regular bikini wax leaves some. Terminologies may vary among countries, of course.

I don’t understand the idea of removing all that hair either. Besides, OWIE…I can deal with getting my legs waxed, but there? I don’t think so.

In addition to some men find it sexy, and you can wear a high cut swimsuit…

(note, this is heresay, I’ve never waxed more than my brows and my legs)

Some women (apprently) like the feeling of having their hair ripped out by the roots in the pubic area. I’ve heard it referred to as “freeing” and “refreshing.”

Some women have fallen victim to too much Sex in the City. Tidy pubic hair is to some women, simply what women do to keep themselves beautiful. They are under the impression that “everyone is doing it.”

Some groups of women (a few in my crew - but not many - most of my girlfriends are the “we don’t bother to shave our legs in winter” set) succumb to peer pressure. There is a certain amount of “extreme fashion and beauty” in some groups - done more to impress your girlfriends than any guy (only the gay ones know you spent $200 on shoes anyway - the others are just as impressed by the cheap knockoffs [sub]stereotype joke, I realize that some straight guys know Enzos and some gay guys wouldn’t know a pair of women’s shoes if they tripped over them[/sub]).

I thought the reason (to leave a small patch) that some prefer, is so it would not look like a pre-pubescent girl’s privates.

Wear. Wear. Wear. Not “ware”…

Sorry, that was bugging me.

I think the point of leaving a little bit of hair is, as stated, so that you don’t look prepubescent.

I’m on record as being a non-fan of pubic hair. In the past I’ve preferred to shave everything, but at the moment I’m sporting a postage stamp just for the hell of it. Don’t really know yet if I like it or not.

I wish I was brave enough to get a Brazilian wax… alas I’m chicken. I actually went a month without shaving earlier this year because I got out of the habit and lazy. sigh It’s a drag to do and it has to be done twice a week or you get fuzzy. :stuck_out_tongue:

In this context (UK), “Brazilian” refers to a “landing strip” not the full monty (so to speak).

I think, though I’m not sure as I’ve never had anything but my legs waxed, that a “bikini wax” just removes the stuff that would show while wearing a bikini. A Brazilian, on the other hand, waxes all the hair out of the crack of your ass, off your labia, etc.

A Brazilian Field Report from


I suspected as much. My opinion of it, whatever you call it, hasn’t changed. YEEEOW!

Now, if I were going on Survivor or something I’d definitely get a bikini wax, and I’d get my legs and pits waxed as well. Otherwise, no, sorry. I’ve never had a problem with hair sticking out of my bathing suit, thank Og.

Okay, I did a Brazilian wax (twice actually)… And I had everything taken off.

Why? The first time was just to try it. And the skin feels so nice afterwards