Removing hair on the bikini line

I used to gross people out when they found out I used to pluck my pubes. Anyone else do it? I’ve kind of gotten lazy and haven’t done it in a while, mostly because I no longer sit for hours watching TV, and partly because with the extra pounds around my middle it’s harder to see everything easily (LOL!). I guess I’m lucky in that I was never really hairy to begin with, but for a time I used to pluck myself clean. But you know, I just don’t LIKE stubble. Makes me itch.

Yes, with a pair of tweezers. Good tweezers.


I hate to admit it, but I’ve plucked away a good deal of my bikini line out of boredom a few times. Not like I’d do it again, though.

One word



sheepishly looking around


Here’s a question: how does a bikini wax work, anyway? swimsuit on or off and just what exactly is performed?

My girlfriend has never had one performed, so she doesn’t know the answer…

Ask Drain Bead what NOT to do sometime…

I was going to ask why you haven’t already gotten volunteers but ChiefScott beat me to it. That might explain the tailor’s notch in his teeth.

looks at Satan and dies laughing

I remember that conversation…

i once read a description on a brazilian bikini wax. as i remember through the wincing, this required nudity from the waist down. the waxer came into the room speaking portugues,(sp?) grasped the waxee by the ankles and spread’em as far apart as she could. after a few mmmm’s and aaaahhhh’s and leg positioning, the wax was applied and pulled off leaving what the authour refered to as a hitler moustache of pubic hair.
not for the faint of heart or tender bottomed.

Mrs Xploder just shaves it off…when I don’t do it for her that is…

Dang, ChiefScott has the same solution as I do!

Shaving is not bad, until you get stubbly, then it itches like mad.

Plucking sounds fuckin’ brutal. I don’t even like to pluck my eyebrows…

Waxing is fast at least, and you (allegedly) get used to how it feels to rip off your pubic hair… A Brazilian can be seen in the Darva Playboy layout (God, could she be any less attractive naked? Sorry, but nothing special at all, hardly worth the $ she got).

I also hear that, if you’re going to go that far, you may as well just go completely smooth. I have, it’s fun for sex, but maintanence is required.

Girl waxing my brows at the salon told me that when she was in beauty school, they would shape & dye pubics for holidays and special occasions (red heart for Valentines, orange pumpkin-shape for Halloween, etc).


I wax. Sometimes I wax myself, sometimes I go to a professional. And hey, I, too use tweezers–just to get to stray hairs left behind after the waxing. I can honestly say waxing isn’t that bad–except that it ruins any potential of sex for that evening. Friction is not appealing for freshly waxed skin.

My skin care lady regularly does “Playboy waxes.” Read carefully here, girls: that’s everything except maybe a little stripe in front. That’s your lips, ladies. owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwccchh…

And, and men…she also does the scrotum of a couple male clients.

Let’s all cross our legs together…