Breakdown of HIV Statistics In America

I’ve looked but I can’t quite find out what I’m looking for by Google.

I was looking for a breakdown of HIV+ Americans by groups

Such as by age, by race, by income etc…

Does such a site exist, maybe I’m missing it.

I keep running across sites that give vauge numbers like “2,000 NEW cases.” OK but I want all cases not just new. Or sites that give 25% increase which tells nothing about what number the 25% is based on.

I’m looking for American not world figures and I also keep running across WHO statistics which don’t help for the USA much.

Anyone can give me direction thanks.

The CDC, or the Centers for Disease Control, does something similar to the WHO at a national level. The website isn’t always the easiest thing to navigate, but tehy almost certainly have the answers you’re looking for:

What specifically were you hoping to break the numbers down by?

I second that. The CDC has good breakout numbers, often expressed in pie charts.