Breakfast Heaven

I made borracho beans last night as a side dish. Well, they worked as a side dish, but the REAL reason I made borracho beans last night was because I wanted 'em for breakfast this morning. For the borracho beans challenged, they’re basically pinto beans cooked with garlic, bacon, fresh lime juice, & onions, left soupy in their liquor. Sometimes I add jalepenos, too, but not last night.

But the real perfection is borracho beans & eggs. Put 'em in a skillet and get 'em hot. Throw in some of the hot sauce I made last night and get them boiling. Crack a few eggs into the beans to poach. Serve up in a big bowl, with cilantro and aged cheddar on top. I put green tabasco on mine, but hubby prefers his plain.

I dare you to devise a better breakfast. This is heaven in a bowl.

Mmmmmmmm…that sounds so good!

I had yogurt for breakfast. :frowning: But it was chocolate truffle yogurt. :slight_smile:

The borracho beans “n” eggs sounds fantastic - but if I had something like that for breakfast on a workday, I’d have to go back to bed.

But for a late brunch on the weeke-ends…yum!

Wait…what makes them borracho?

I make mine by sauteeing onion, garlic, oregano, salt in a little vegetable oil…deglaze with cider vinegar…add the pintos and cover with BEER. Simmer until the liquid cooks down to where you want it.

The beer, that’s what makes them borracho.

(I made 'em last night with grilled marinated skirt steak, sliced avocado, a chopped romaine/tomato/red onion/cilantro salad dressed with lime juice and salt, and lots of steamed tortillas.)

What makes 'em borracho beans? Why, the copious amounts of beer and margaritas I drink while I make them, of course! :smiley:

I actually do usually put beer in 'em. But I make 'em different every time. From what I can gather from the times I’ve been in Texas, the only thing that really defines borracho beans is that they’re soupy pinto beans. Anything from there on up is up for grabs. Hell, even Mr. Athena can’t define borracho beans beyond that, and he’s more or less from San Antonio.

I’ve been doing flank steak lately too. Here’s the one I made a couple weeks ago - grilled with a chipotle/jalepeno rub and served up with salad.