Breakfast of Champions

Does anybody know why, after being in release for over 7 weeks, the movie Breakfast of Champions is still only being shown at 7 theaters nationwide? It has to have had a big budget, with stars like Bruce Willis, Albert Finney, Nick Nolte, Barbara Hershey and Glenne Headly; yet in its limited release, has only taken in $136,000 dollars.

This movie was based on one of my all time favorite books (by Kurt Vonnegut, for the uninitiated). While I am sadly resigned to the fact that it is probably no better than the other Vonnegut books that have been translated to film (I actually liked Slaughterhouse Five), I would still like to see it, but it isn’t playing anywhere near me.

Anybody got any idea what Buena Vista is thinking?


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It was a very poor adaption that haddent the vision nor direction of the book, and they’re imbarressed!

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Little Chocolate Doughnuts!

Remind us, briefly, what “Breakfast of Champions” is about.

Whenver I try to remember, all I can think of is “Heart of a Champion” by TC Boyle.

Maybe they’re trying to do a “Blair Witch”: show it in limited release to build buzz, and steadily open it up at more theaters. Just a WAG.

I liked Slaughterhouse 5, too. (The movie that is. Of course I liked the book) Also, the Mother Night movie was good.

FYI, Breakfast of Champions is about Dwayne Hoover going crazy and the non-famous SF writer Kilgore Trout coming to Midland City, IN and running into him at the worst possible moment.

Plunging like stones from a slingshot on Mars.

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