Breakfast of Champions

A lovely story to read over the morning Cheerios. It’s always a shock when the fuzzywuzzy view of nature is jolted into reality. It’s nature’s way of saying “In your face, bitch!”

Our paper, however, has once again ventured into the realm of purple prose with this story. They seem to have an inordinate fondness for the gory details. Nothing like a baby animal that “whimpered and cried” for a half hour to just pluck the heartstrings.

One of the residents even took a video, which is viewable in the article; perhaps for a future submission to “America’s Funniest Home Slaughters”?

The link you provided asked me to log in, so I can’t see what you are seeing.

It’s a free site and they won’t send you spam. It’s just the website for our local newspaper.