Breaking Bad 4/25/10 "Sunset" OPEN SPOILERS

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Well – what now? Jesse needs to lay low but will he?

What about Hank? He has to suspect that Walt is involved. Will he confront Walt or just watch him? Does Walt realize that the phone call was a terrible idea?

And the woman who was murdered – how will that tie in? How will the Heisenberg drawing be used? And why did the cousins kill her? They need to keep the axe sharp or what? ::shudder:: evil dudes

Loved Walt and Gale bonding over good coffee, and the junkyard constitution expert.

I think that woman was the one driving the wheelchair-accessible van that the cousins used to transport the don.

And I think that Hank will never put together the idea that Walt is involved. But he does suspect Jesse, so he will have to hide out or go legitimate for a while.

Another thing. Is Walt’s new lab assistant meant to learn his recipe so that Gus can kill him?

That’s exactly what I thought. He was getting a little *too *buddy buddy w/ Walt. When he asked that question about his drip rate (or whatever it was) all kinds of flags went up for me.

And for those who are wondering where you’ve seen that guy before, he was in Flight of the Conchords (Mel’s husband Doug), he was the creepy cop/fixer in Damages, the Baltimore Sun editor in the final season of The Wire, and also the “Super Delicious” guy in that hilarious T-Mobile commercial. That guy has a great agent.

I’m about to pee my pants wondering how this season (and any future seasons) is/are going to play out. I have compared this show to the final season of Shield - will Walt end up as Vic or Shane? (I don’t see him going out as Lem or Ronny, and I can’t see how he could walk away from all this untouched.)

I think I want to avoid any spoilers about how many episodes are left this season, and whether another season is planned. Gotta keep the old blood pressure up, you know.

The season has started out relatively slowly, but that was easily one of the best episodes of the series. Enough so that I’m still feeling tense a half hour after having watched it.

I think this show is serious enough about the consequences of the story that killing off Hank is an option, so there’s real tension there, although ultimately I think it won’t happen.

For similar reasons, I think there’s a possibility that they may realize the need to kill off Jesse, since he’s a liability with such poor decision making, but I’m not sure if the writers can pull the trigger on that one.

I feel bad for the RV now. We’ve been through so much together…

Incidentally, I don’t feel the lab assistant guy is putting on a show to trick Walt into sharing his secrets or anything like that. They’re both chemistry nerds and talking about the details is natural for them. I mean the guy may know that he’ll replace Walt some day, but I don’t see anything sneaky or manipulative about his behavior. It’s natural for him to want to know the details of what Walt is doing.

This episode was non-stop action. Loved every bit of it.

Ya know, you have to be a really huge prick to be pull off the private investigator’s beloved trick of “tell someone that their sibling/parent/child is dead/critically injured to get them to spill their gets” trick.

It looked as though Saul even felt like shit for doing it and that’s saying something.

This show just gets better and better. Tonight’s episode had meaty scenes for all the players, from Gus to Saul to the bald killer dudes. Even Badger got in some lines! It was clear that Walt was heavily conflicted at using the “Marie” card to get out of his situation, but he did it and it’s something else he’ll have to live with, just all part of his descent to hell. As for Jessie, since the van’s gone there’s really not much they can pin on him at this point. Of course, he can’t cook anymore, which is a good thing since he’s on the DEA’s radar now. And finally, this show has certainly gotten even more interesting because as Hank is chasing Heisenberg, the hacking cousins will also now be hunting him! And I have to say once more how incredible is the acting in this series.

Once they have Walt’s formula, they certainly won’t need him anymore. It wouldn’t surprise me if Pollo is planning to turn him over to the brothers as soon as they have gotten the formula from him.

I laughed when Jesse said to make sure to install the safety feature in the RV that buzzes if the key is left in the ignition.

I thought that Walt’s #1 priority was to get the hell away from the RV, yet there he was watching it get broken down. Was that a mistake in the plot, or am I missing something?

I keep wondering if Marie’s shoplifting will ever come up again.

I think that any episode that portrays Walt’s home life and Skyler in particular starts to drag really fast. The house is always dark and dreary, even when it’s bright daylight behind the window blinds, and I find myself completely unsympathetic to Skyler. Tonight’s episode benefitted greatly from getting away from them.

My impression was that the RV has already been moved to some demolition yard and was being demolished. There’s no risk to Walt in watching it get flattened. In fact, it was probably assuring to him to see that evidence (with all of his fingerprints inside) getting destroyed.

The twins are the creepiest villains to come on TV for a very long time. They’re actually stretching belief in their total recklessness (killing a truckload of illegals and the driver in the middle of nowhere, leaving the murdered old lady behind her shed, killing the cop when they knew he’d radioed for backup, etc.). I think Clan Tuko must be somehow allied with the inbred Greens from BIG LOVE.

Jesse’s life is definitely in danger. I wonder what kind of contract Aaron Paul has, because Gus, Hank, his girlfriend’s father, Saul, and even the twins if they learn he was there when Tuko was killed want a piece of him, and while Walt wouldn’t kill him I think he’d breathe easier.

A question about meth: several times they’ve shown people snorting it. I always thought it was smoked. Do people do it both ways?

The demolition guy would have been a great cameo for Tommy Chong, especially when he starts spouting law codes. I know Walt’s main concern was that he would be found there (“Lucy, you got some 'splainin to do!”) but I’m guessing that IRL Saul or any other decent criminal attorney could shoot as many holes in Hank’s probable cause as there were in the RV door. The RV wasn’t stolen (it was, but not officially), it was on private property, there was no warrant, it was a “domicile”, etc…

I’ve also wondered if any real life meth cooks watch the show with a pencil and pad for inspiration or if they ‘McGyver’ it (on McGyver, supposedly at least, whenever he turned a bicycle into a grenade launcher or whatever they used a method that would work but left out some steps). I particularly wondered this with Walt’s substitutions that create his blue meth sans Sudafed. There are definitely some academic chemists who’ve gone to The Dark Side (no idea if Walt was inspired by an individual person but the show’s creator admits he’s followed some cases of fallen chemists) but my (admittedly very limited) understanding is that most meth cooks are relative novices, which makes me wonder if they watch the show going “Yeah, right” or “@#(Wing *@#- I gotta get me some of that!”

Surely Hank will put 2 and 2 together as to how the drugmaker had his cell phone number (to pull off the injured wife trick)? That line of thought leads straight to Walt…

I anticipate some intense action when Hank and the Chop-chop boys have their encounter. There’s also a good deal of animosity building up for Mr. Chicken. Esposito has been a real dude since Do The Right Thing and The Usual Suspects, and he’s carrying this quiet menace thing well. But Gus’s pride is getting on my nerves a bit.

For my tastes, the most sympathetic character in the show is Hank, and Dean Norris deserves at least as much credit for his acting as Cranston does. (Have you allowed the thought that Norris and Chiklis would make some great brothers in a cop show? Or maybe as the Chop-chop boys as older men?)

I agree 100% with the sentiments above that

I also feel that Walt Jr.'s days in the sun are behind us.

I recall an interview with Cranston when the show was just starting where he said something to the effect of them being careful not to disseminate any useful meth-cooking information.

Your feelings are echoed on the Insider Podcast- listen to it for some more info about that!

What an awesome episode! Walt and Jesse watching the crusher didn’t ring true to me either. I would think that as soon as possible they’d be getting the hell out of the junk yard. I guess they wanted to show them saying goodbye to an old friend! I was hoping to see Hank come back to the yard only to find a huge cube of metal where the RV was. Jesse’s out of the business for now simply because all his tools-of-the-trade have been crushed. On the other hand it brought Walt and Jesse back together. Maybe he’ll put Jesse to work in the underground lair… probably not a safe bet for a while because hank is one pissed off mo-fo. Did anyone else think he was going to pass out at the hospital? The uncle shows the two cousins how important family is in next weeks episode (when the cousins are children). It’s a pretty tense preview on

by the way, has anyone watched the inside-the-episode feature on There’s a chicken costume on the shelf in the background. Every time I see it, I say to myself WTF?

The folks I know who’ve done it all snorted it.

Not w/ Hank following Jesse’s every move. Won’t be hard for Hank to get a search warrent for Jesse’s house as well as Badger and Skinny. One of them is going to have something on them that will get them into big trouble, I’m sure of it.