Breaking Bad Alternate Series Ending Released

Even though it’s been joked about for years that the series would end this way, it’s still great to see it filmed.

Alternate Ending

Great stuff! Probably lost on the generation that’s too young to have seen MITM sadly.

Thanks for sharing that! It made me happy to see that they did that, and I thought the execution was excellent.

It’s great to see them fall right back into the old chemistry.

I still think having Frankie Muniz enter on crutches would have completed it.

“This video contains content from Sony Pictures Movies & Shows, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”

Here’s a mirror:

Scroll to second video.

Well, they filmed the Newhart ending that so many of us joked about over the years. How many BB fans are even old enough to get the reference? Not that it matters.

It’s kind of painful without a laugh track.

But not too old or too young to have missed Malcolm in the Middle. There’s a pretty narrow butter zone there.
Of course, even if you never saw The Bob Newhart Show, it’s still funny as long as you’re familiar with MITM.


Fun to see those two playing those characters again.

Anyone too young to have seen Malcolm in the Middle (which ran from 2000 to 2006) is too young to have been watching Breaking Bad (2008 to 2013), so I’m not sure why they’d be interested in it in the first place…

…and it is apparently lost on the generation who never saw Newhart (AKA as the greatest finale of all time.), which of course, was lost on a generation too young to have seen the Bob Newhart Show. (This all appears to be very meta!)

I’ve seen this around… Where exactly did it come from?

I’ve not seen a single episode of Malcolm in the Middle but still enjoyed that. Thanks.

It’s like you’re standing between parallel mirrors.

Also taken down. Drat.

Unfortunately the video has been taken down from that link… :frowning:

I was hoping that Breaking Bad would end with Walter White going away with the Vacuum Repair Guy then the final scene would be him at the kitchen table on Malcolm in the Middle.

I believe they filmed it for the final DVD set.