Breaking Bad: Doper Bob Ducca AND SDMB cited in Entertainment Weekly!

On page 41 of the paper version with Cranston and Aaron Paul on the cover. In a separate, featured sidebar!

squee. :wink:

ETA: duh; sorry - featuring the theory he’s been discussing about Walt and murders

Very cool! Congratulations to Bob on that recognition.

Thanks guys, a reporter from EW contacted me last week about it after it had already been featured on Buzzfeed and in some other places. Reporter was trying to locate original source of theory but we struck out so they went ahead and mentioned me and the Dope.

I had the option of using my real name but decided to keep it more anonymous.

I should probably find a copy or ten.

WordMan, could you scan or take a pic and post?

Hmm, I stink at this stuff; lemme see.

Imgur is a good site to host images for free if you can get to that point.

Very cool! How often does a post made on the SDMB resonate so much that it gets picked up by national media? It cracks me up how your original thread wasn’t very long lived and was mostly answered by naysayers, yet as the season plays out it’s looking more and more plausible. I’m a firm believer that you’re correct.

Could someone link to that thread? I’d love to read it!

“If I can get to that point” indeed…

I think I found the original reddit thread:

I don’t see the theory in that thread, can you link to direct comment? I thought it was a standalone image post though, not part of an episode discussion thread.

I don’t use reddit and don’t know if there’s a method to link to individual comments, so I’ll just quote the most relevant ones.

Also, I didn’t look for where you might have first heard about it to knock you down a peg or anything. It was just that seeing that the reporter couldn’t track it down made me see it as a challenge.


Thanks; I emailed a photo to Bob that’s a bit less glare-y…

Here’s the pic WordMan sent me. Thanks guys!

Can we get a link to the OP that set it all off please?

Congrats Bob.

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No, this is: A Breaking Bad theory (spoilers in OP) - Cafe Society - Straight Dope Message Board

Thanks for correcting.