Buzzfeed quotes Bob Ducca's Breaking Bad Theory

It seems we have a mole. Although apparently one of the commenters thinks the theory originated on Reddit.

Great thread.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure I first heard that theory from either Reddit or Hitfix. Certainly not my own original thought, I haven’t had one of those in years.

Not sure why this is in the Game Room, moving it to Cafe Society.

As many have noticed, Walt is also

not wearing his wedding ringin the diner scene.

Now the SDMB has been cited on Grantland regarding the same theory, citing Bob’s original thread.

What about the ten people killed in prison? Did he take on any of their traits?

It’s kind of crazy, I’m really excited by the attention (because I love attention, duh) but almost nobody in my real life knows my username here so I can’t brag on it anywhere. White people problems, I guess.

Besides Grantland, it’s been written about in several other places as well and also has gotten a lot of action in some Reddit threads. And Buzzfeed just put out a follow-up “list-icle” based on it with recap photos of each bit that re-references the first post (though leaves out my username).

I’m wondering if there will be any attention to the theory after the fact if it turns out to be right?

It was also referenced (with a link to the Buzzfeed quote ) on the Television Without Pity episode recap.

About Walt taking on traits: **Crawlspace **pointed out over here that Walt actually picks up his signature goatee from Jane’s dad.

Which is interesting, since it’s not someone he killed personally, but certainly someone who was connected to a lot of death and devastation that Walt had a hand in causing, directly or indirectly.

So if the picking up traits thing can work in a more indirect fashion, maybe Walt doesn’t have to personally murder Skyler to be using her name, although I certainly think she will come a sticky end and that Walt will cause it in some way, willingly or otherwise.

I just got finished watching episode 103 (…and the bag’s in the river). I would point out that Crazy-8 never asked for his crusts to be cut off, Walt just did it. So when we see him cut his own crusts off in season 3, it just looks like a personal preference…

But that was because Walt noticed he wasn’t eating the crust.