A Breaking Bad theory (spoilers in OP)

I read this somewhere, maybe Reddit, and it’s quite an intriguing theory.

In Breaking Bad, Walt has a habit of taking on some little traits of the people he has killed.

When Walt killed Crazy 8, he started cutting off the crusts of his sandwiches - just as Crazy 8 had done.

Gus drives a Volvo. After Walt kills Gus, at the beginning of Season 5 (at the Denny’s), Walt is driving a Volvo (w/ NH plates).

When Mike and Walt meet at a bar in an earlier season, Walt orders his drink neat while Mike has his on the rocks. After Mike is killed, and Hank offers Walt a drink in his office - he asks for it on the rocks.

At that same scene at Denny’s, Walt arranges his bacon into his new age. Someone else used to do that. On top of that, he’s using Skyler’s maiden name on his fake ID.

Based on his history of picking up traits from his victims - I believe Walt is going to murder Skyler before the series is over, and it probably had already happened before he showed up at the Denny’s in the Season 5 cold open.

Wow, nice catch if it’s true!

In the first episode I think Skyler does it for him.

Yes… I was trying to be coy, but didn’t really nail it. I believe it was in the 2nd episode of Season 5 where we see Skyler arrange the bacon, one ep after we see Walt do it in the future.

Another possible data point to support the theory - some time after he had Jesse kill Gale, I noticed that Walt was brewing coffee in the lab with what looked Gale’s lab equipment coffee setup.

What evidence is there that Walt only started to cut the crusts off his sandwiches after he killed Crazy 8?

Hank offered Walt a drink at his house when Walt was picking up Holly. Hank took out the bottle and said “on the rocks, right?” and Walt said “yes”. So Walt already was known to have his drink on the rocks prior to Mike being killed.

It may be that saying he “picks up their traits” is going a bit far. But it does sound like the show has a particular little stylistic signature of having Walt do on screen something particularly associated with his victim shortly after he kills them. So whether he had his WhistlePig on the rocks before or not isn’t really the point.

Interesting theory.

We also saw Walt Jr./Flynn do it for him this past season. Referring back to the theory- I don’t think it’s true. I doubt Walt would kill Skyler and I just have a feeling that a chunk of the evidence is made up. There’s a certain type of overanalysis that is very prominent on the internet that suggests that large works of art - like a long-lasting series of movies or TV shows or albums - is interrelated and there are crazy hints throughout all of them that refer to future parts. Usually that’s not true and the theories are bogus. This feels like one of those.

I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen.

Reverse is correct. Skyler tossed it on his plate and Walt Jr said “Mooooooommmmm you didn’t do it, mooooommmm it’s his birthday, you have to do it. Moooooommmm I’m going to keep being an annoying little bitch until you make a bacon 52”
She finally went and made the 52 to get him to stop whining.

So what trait did he get from Jane, or the two drug dealers he ran over and shot?

I think this may be a case of finding a pattern by data selection.

51, to be precise. 52 was in the flashforward.

He didn’t know those people.

He knew Jane just as much as, if not more than Crazy 8. He met her on more than one occasion and she blackmailed him.

Probably, but what fun is that?

Gilligan’s way of telling a certain segment of B B fans that he doesn’t assign guilt to Walt for her death.

That was easy. :slight_smile:

The whole point of the plane crash was assigning the guilt to Walt for her death. Walt also carried the guilt with him as shown in the Fly episode when he almost broke down to tell Jesse that he was the reason Jane died.

You’re right, I was thinking that was 53.

For those of you who say this is nothing, I disagree. Did one really have to do that much digging to remember the crust thing? I always thought it was weird how much emphasis seemed to be placed on shots of Walt cutting off the crust from his bread. This would explain it.

Also the Volvo isn’t the only thing with Gus. In “Salud” Gus places a towel under his knees before throwing up. Walt does the same thing in “Blood Money”.

The 2 guys he runs over- the only thing we really know about this clowns is that they killed a kid, and Walt allowed Todd to kill a kid.

As for Jane, this is an obvious one: Walt IS Jane. He has the same crazy greed lust that ruins him.

Happy now?

I think Sky, Walt Jr. die @ the hands of Lydia, Todd/nazi crew. Holly is living with Hank/Marie as their own child. Jesse gets killed by Walt. Walt gets revenge (hints the M60 in the trunk) on the 1s that killed his family. Uses the ricin on Lydia. Walt lives on in Mexico, cooking his product. He gets his “Empire” (his Gray Matter) but gets it @ the expense of losing his family. He’s not Walt anymore. He’s Heisenberg.

What is with Marie and purple? Everything she wears, the carpet, her tea kettle…