Breaking Bad, Season 2 - Spoilers

Coming late to the game, we just started watching catch-up episodes of this fine series, although we missed all of season one and about half of season two before realizing it was on. It’s easy to figure out what’s going on, of course.

Anyway, I’ve been recording the eps every week and for some reason failed to record the season finale for Season Two (for some stupid reason, BB is not on demand). I was able to see a recap on AMC’s website, so I have an idea as to what happened, but perhaps somebody can give me a good synopsis.

Specific questions:
How did Sky find out he’s been lying to her?
What was the significance of the teddy bear in the pool? Was it their baby’s?

Season three starts this coming Wednesday, so I’d like to be up to speed before then. Thanks.

One of the most cliche plot devices. She found his second cell phone. Of course she assumed he was cheating on her, but that doesn’t really matter at this point.
I don’t remember how exactly it happened. I want to say he was in the house (with her) making a cell phone call and the other one rang(?).

I’ll leave that alone. If you don’t know the significance of that, you haven’t missed anything. You’ll find out in (IIRC) 3 episodes. I think that shows up in the episode entitled 747, right? Which would mean that, yeah, not that next one or the one after that or the one after that, but the one after that is when you’ll find out about the bear. Have you met Jesse’s girlfriend yet? She’s part of it.

Just looked at the episode list. As it turns out, the episodes don’t go in the order I thought they went in. People that have seen it will know what I was thinking of. Turns out I was just grouping a few of them together in my head but they are spaced apart. Anyways. Like I said I think the bear show up in (what is actually called) 737. You’ll find out about it much later on. Don’t worry about it.

Season Finale for Season 2 explained here:

Wow, I totally misread the OP.
Okay, here’s the quick story.
Jesse’s girlfriend got clean.
Jesse got her back on drugs.
She OD’d (this is the short version).
Her dad is a air traffic controller.
Dad, under lots of stress, caused two planes to collide in the air very close to being over Walt’s house.
Teddy bear lands in Walt’s pool.
Here are the episode titles I was referring to.


Hey now, where’d that post go?

I’m gonna mention this anyways. While Walt wasn’t all that involved in the crash, I’d argue that it was more then tangential and the teddy bear was a way to remind him about all the lives he destroying etc etc blah blah blah. In this case Jane died, in part, from the meth that Walt was making. She died, because he stood there and watched her instead of flipping her over on her side or calling 911.

There’s a few other times though out the series where Walt gets a reality check and realizes that this is much bigger then just him.

I think some of the stuff I wrote about Sky wasn’t revealed until Season 3, and didn’t want to spoiler stuff for the OP, so I just nixed the whole post. Sorry if I pulled the rug out from under your response.

But yea, I agree that was the point of the Teddy Bear. It was just a lot of build up, and they definitely tried to make the audience think it was some sort of pivotal moment in Walts life, to have it end up not really affecting the central plot at all.

Good to see “Q” is still getting work, though.

I just noticed that is still up and running. But it kind of bugs me that the Click Here To Donate button goes to the National Cancer Coalition (where you can presumably donate money if you want to). I’d rather it was just a link back to the Breaking Bad website. It’s just odd that it links to the NCC site since in the show the site was set up to launder money. In fact, if I ran the NCC, I wouldn’t let them link to me just for that reason. I’d be worried about people getting the wrong idea*. I’d rather they put a link on AMC’s Breaking Bad page if people wanted to donate money to the NCC.
*And people do get the wrong idea. I remember seeing an interview with Peter Krause (Nate from Six Feet Under) saying that when he goes out jogging people would stop him and tell him it’s not such a good idea to be running in his condition…his condition being arteriovenous malformation which could cause him to have a seizure or stroke…on the show.

You’re right. They really did spend the better part of the season making us think Walt and Sky were going to either lose the baby (drowning) or lose the house to a fire or earth quake or possibly get busted by the DEA (hence the guys in white suits looking like they were raiding a drug house).

So am I supposed to assume that Sky was on one of those aircraft? I’m actually glad that the girlfriend is gone; I couldn’t stand looking at her. Ah, the recap clears up a lot of questions.

No, not at all. It was just “Sure, life is grand down here for good 'ol Walt, but look at all the lives he destroying around him” type of thing. It was a reality check. They’ll come back to it a few times in the next few episodes.

Yeah, I was a little disappointed at how little the plane crash had to do with anything central to the plot when it was revealed.