Breakout Kings

New crime-drama show on A&E. It’s a cross between It Takes a Thief and Prison Break. A team of recaptured escape artists is established in order to help US Marshalls track down other escaped prisoners. Totally unrealistic concept (especially since the cons are given guns and are allowed to run around in the field with minimal supervision), but the first episode was fun. And it has McPoyle playing a Dr Reid-type character. It looks like it’s going to be a villain of the week show, and

T-Bag from Prison Break is going to be a recurring character!

Question about the opening scene - what did the con writing down numbers on a piece of paper hidden under his bed after doing pull-ups have to do with his breakout?

I don’t care if this is the greatest show since The Shield… I pray this show dies a quick death. Not because of the quality (or lack thereof) of the show, but because A&E runs the promos for it in EVERY. SINGLE. BREAK. They ran Coming Soon crap for weeks before the premiere, too. It is so very, very annoying. Whether I’m watching The First 48 or The Sopranos or whatever else, I have to endure these promos for a show that I will never watch. I hope that when this show dies, A&E will reconsider their saturation bombing policy in the future.

I think he was practicing how long he could hold himself horizontal from the upper bed frame. Being able to do that long enough was essential to his escape.


Exactly. His last attempt was like 200 something seconds before he let go, and then later when it was showing his escape, it said “200 something seconds later” (paraphrasing – they said the exact number) before he let go.

Interesting show. I don’t like it near as much as I liked Prison Break, but I’m going to give it a chance, especially for the spoilered reason above. The pilot wasn’t great, but I’m holding out hope for the cleverness of plot and characters that Prison Break had going for it.

It wasn’t bad. I was genuinely surprised when that one guy was instantly bounced from the team. And I liked Lowery’s phone call at the end where he is telling his mom about how uplifting the experience was and she just craps all over him anyway. But the test will be the second episode. I have read that the new cast member they sub in isn’t an improvement. Also, we’ll be going from the production values of a pilot shot for network TV to whatever humble trappings A&E can afford.

I only watched because I heard T-Bag was gonna be on. First ep wasn’t bad, I’ll probably watch at least the rest of the first season. Can’t wait for ep 3 and T-Bag, though this show doesn’t really have a “same universe as Prison Break” feel to it so far.

I stopped watching Prison Break after Season 2 (aka when the show was INTENDED to end). The commercials I saw for season 3 (the Panama prison) looked incredibly bad, so I thought it to be a wise decision on my part. So I’m really happy this show is on, because the first 2 seasons of Prison Break were excellent, and it sounds like the two shows have some common crew (particularly with that spoiler I posted up thread).

Just to make it clear, because it hasn’t been posted yet, but it was created by two writers/producers from Prison Break.

I’ll admit I mainly watched it for He’s never someone I would say "Oh man, he’s hilarious"about, but he’s great in pretty much everything he does. He’s pretty much playing a slightly less creepy version of his character from Psych, so I’ll keep watching just for that. I did like the twist at the end of the guy we thought was cop all along really being one of the cons. Otherwise, there’s plenty of flaws that put this into “Not like there’s anything better on” territory, like:

-The real cop is a pill-popper. We get it, everyone has flaws. But they used the same thing with Mahone in Prison Break.
-The whole premise is “Use guys who broke out of prison to take down fugitives.” But at no point did they ever seem to use knowledge they had about breaking out. It was more of just “I know because I’m a con-artist, drug dealer, psychologist, etc.”
-Seriously, they just leave them out alone in a car with only the threat of “double-time if you try to escape?” Even White Collar stretches believability with a tracking anklet that Neal can take off and be miles away before they get there. This is just dumb.

Season 3 was still fairly good, it was Season 4 where it turned into an Oceans 11 ripoff that really turned it belly up. The final run where they shifted from LA to Miami was a little better, but still not up to the past.

The most recent episode was about a manhunt for T-Bag.

“The entire thing??”

Good to see Bagwell again, although I just can’t suspend the reality that somebody would be able to break out of prison THREE times, particularly someone with a rap sheet like his. How is he even allowed to mingle with other inmates???

I also found it strange at the end when after recapturing him, they left his prosthetic hand on, the very hand he modified into a weapon used to facilitate his most recent escape. :confused::confused::confused: